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  Tuesday, Jan 9, 2018 


Fire News

Drug Cookers Cause Explosion and Fire

Chilliwack Fire Dept keeps fire contained to one suite 

By Ian Josephson, CFD Fire Chief


t 7:05pm last night, firefighters from Chilliwack fire halls 1 and 4 responded to a reported explosion and fire in an apartment located in the 46000-block of Yale Road. Fire crews arrived on scene to a 4 storey apartment building that was being evacuated.

Firefighters entered the building and found evidence an explosion had occurred in one of the 2nd floor suites, with a minor fire in the kitchen. A sprinkler head had activated extinguishing the fire.

Firefighters confirmed the fire was out and shut off the sprinkler system.
Majority of the damage in the unit was related to the vapor explosion with minor fire, smoke and water damage contained to the kitchen.

Both adult occupants of the suite were fortunate to have safely evacuated with no injuries. There were no firefighter injuries.
Cause of the fire was accidental and was related to the tenant ‘cooking’ illegal drugs on the stove using a flammable gas.


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