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  Friday, Jan 19, 2018 


Liberal Duality

Trudeau bobs and weaves his magic around veterans and RCMP clawback questions

By John Labelle, Super Annuity Campaign Coordinator/Submitted photo


Veterans Annuity Campaign Coordinator John Labelle airs concerns at meeting with PM Trudeau at January meeting.

ince 2005, led by John Labelle, The late Roger Boutin, Mel Pittman, Reina MacNeil and J.P. Martinello, our mission has been to have the Government of Canada terminate the unjust/unfair CPP Benefit to our Military/RCMP Annuity at age 65 or sooner if disabled at no cost to the taxpayers.

With the support of former Member of Parliament Mr. Peter Stoffer, he has introduced to the House of Commons Bills C-441, C-221, C-502 and C-215. Because of minority Governments many of these bills died on the order table.

Unfortunately all Conservatives Members of Parliament were directed to vote against our bills. Eventually Bill C-201 count was successful and the final vote recorded was 149 yeas and 134 nays. Because former Prime Minister Harper refused to request a royal recommendation, bill C-201 died on the order table.

The committee continues to look for a winning solutions.

Former MP Peter Stoffer has presented a number of Bills in the House of Commons. He is now the Patron of our Campaign.

On numerous occasion we have written to all Politicians to seek their support, Many of them confused the issue and lied to us.

We have made a presentation to the Veterans Ombudsman, he refused to assist us because he only deals with disabled Veterans cases.

We have made a presentation to the DND Ombudsman when he visited Lower Sackville in 2017. He stated that he was very interested in our case and we are waiting for his report in January 2018.

We have written to a number of Law Firms with no success to date. We are now waiting for a reply from a major Law firms that deals with class action law suit.

Recently we had two (2) Town Hall meetings, the last one being in Sackville Nova Scotia, we were able to ask a simple question to Prime Minister Trudeau. We have provided you with an attached copy. Unfortunately the PM completely avoided our question. He talked about the Pension Act and the New Veterans Charter Benefits. We are preparing a rebuttal. A copy will be forwarded to you with the Prime Minister's reply or non reply.

Thank you for your support. Please distribute our information. Write your MP and seek support.


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