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  Thursday, Jan 11, 2018 

BC News

Smart Meter Issue

BC Hydro fees are exorbitant says Port hardy resident

By Staff

Dianne Dillon on the right with one of her classes.


group of Port Hardy mobile home owners are up in arms saying smart meters aren't smart enough and have been overcharging them.

But just to get a Hydro crew out to look at the problem Hydo would charge each owner $$20 0there it's going to cost $200.

The band wants the smart meters gone and the old-stle ones reinstalled. But they'll have to pay for that too.

Port Hardy resident Dianne Dillon told The Voice Tuesday that it's unfair for BC Hydro to charge her and other mobile homeowners in the park to replace smart meters with the older style meters referring to it as extortion.

"I refuse to pay $200 in extortion thanks. They need to be responsible for their equipment and respond to customers. This is anti-Canadian," she said.

Dillion said they are waiting eagerly waiting to hear from the BC Utilities Commission once they've contacted BC Hydro about the issue.



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