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Sunday, Jan 7, 2018

BC News

Pipeline Pushes Ahead

Westridge Marine Terminal Update

By Trans Mountain


Riprap being removed and placed onto a barge to be disposed of off-site.


rans Mountain's expansion at the Westridge Marine Terminal includes a new dock complex with three berths, a utility dock to moor tugs, boom boats and emergency response vessels, additional delivery pipelines and an extension of the land along the shoreline to accommodate new equipment.

The new dock complex will increase loading capacity from one Aframax-size tanker to the ability to load three Aframax-size tankers. Three new 30-inch delivery lines will be laid in a tunnel from Burnaby Terminal to supply each berth at the Westridge Marine Terminal.

Barges, supply vessels and cranes on-site at Westridge Marine Terminal.

We will be extending the land between the water and the terminal facilities (foreshore) further into the water. This extension will have: (foreshore) further into the water.

This extension will have:

• Dock pipelines and metering equipment

• Emissions management equipment

• Fire-water and foam pumping system

• Stormwater management system

• Electrical equipment and control system

• Space for potential future installation of vessel shore power facilities

• New control building

• Emergency response booms and areas for deployment of emergency response equipment

Marine habitat enhancements will be made according to federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) and Vancouver Fraser Port Authority requirements.  Subject to approval of all applicable permits, rockfish habitat enhancements in the form of reefs for juvenile, intermediate and adult rockfish will be constructed in a designated area of the facility’s waterlot.

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