Sunday, January 5, 2014


Water's a Political Game

"Real" activists are a rarity in Chilliwack

Editor's Desk


f it walks like a dog and barks like a dog, chances are it is one. Why does environmental action in Chilliwack always have to come from, or be led by, political party members and/or their affiliates? What's with that?


When the majority of WaterWealth Project directors have an NDP affiliation, like Richard Harrington, or former Liberal supporter cum NDP chump Chris Gadsden, and others who look like they have political ambitions, then WaterWealth is a local opposition party initiative. It seems that they've even recruited local reporter Cornelia Naylor. It's not that they don't appear to have the best of intentions, but let's call a spade a spade.


There are questions in the community about exactly who pays the rent on their Storey St. office, and what these so-called environmentalist's hidden agenda is.


I respect and admire several of their members on a personal level, but I have a job to do and a duty to Voice readers to report what I know.


Of course, if WaterWealth are like many others in Chilliwack who when they don't like what is written on the Voice then they will cut us all off from information. I'll be sharing that list of groups and agencies that work to suppress information meant for the community with our readers at one point. With WaterWealth, it remains to be seen, but this type of thing can be expected in barefoot hillbilly towns.


It's my guess that Sheila Muxlow will become more politically involved and I fully expect to see her name on future ballots.


In my opinion, as far as I can tell, Eddie Gardner appears to be the only activist without a hidden agenda and his environmental concerns genuine without worrying about what's in it for him.


More to come.


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