Monday, January 6, 2014


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Toxic Shock

Gaetz accused of lying about the waste site despite staff report to the contrary

Released by Glen Thompson, FCRV


ayor Gaetz has made misleading statements concerning the Chilliwack Mountain Toxic Waste Site in the media.


Her remarks contradict City of Chilliwack Senior Planner Shannon Webb's public report on Rezoning Application RZ000815 dated November 8th, 2013.


The mayor was quoted in the progress;


"Mayor Sharon Gaetz stressed that Chilliwack specifically opted for the M6 'special industrial' designation to give council the ability to introduce extra environmental restrictions and conditions they wouldn't otherwise be able to impose."


 "The truth is the City has specifically opted for M6 ‘special industrial’ designation to give Aevitas the ability to introduce industrial activities they would not otherwise be legally be able to do under the M4 zoning."


The mayor appears to be stating that the city is increasing zoning restrictions from M4 to M6 on the property to give council the ability to impose extra environment restrictions. In addition she is asserting these restrictions would not be available for council to control how the plant would conduct its industrial activity because of the current M4 zoning.


According to an official city document, the industrial activity Aevitas has planned for the site would be illegal under the current M4 zoning. Sec 2.1 Page 1 of the Staff Report presented to council by Senior Planner Shannon Webb states; "The proposed M6 (Special Industrial) Zone is intended to facilitate the development of a waste recycling and transfer station which is an industrial activity not permitted within the current M4 (Heavy Industry) Zone of the property."


If the proposed industrial activity was legal under the current M4, Aevitas would not be required to go through the lengthy rezoning application process. One can only wonder why the mayor has made misleading statements in the media concerning the Toxic Waste Site application; statements that appear to completely contradict official staff reports.




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