Sunday, January 5, 2014



Recycle at Your Own Risk

'This council acts like they live in a bunker'

Submitted by Dick Harrington, Chwk


was amazed by the lack of public accountability; when on December 3rd, Chilliwack city Council unanimously voted to approve a re-zoning of industrial property to allow for the construction of a toxic waste recycling plant.


Where was the open public meeting that allowed the public to learn all the details and to ask questions? The mayor said that their obligations where legally met when they called for the vote at a public council meeting. This is not good enough. Such a controversial decision calls for much more public awareness.

I know something of what I speak as I spent six years on City council in Niagara Falls, Ontario where similiar controversial events occurred several times. It would have been considered unthinkable to "ram through" such a decision without proper citizen participation. I understand that even local First Nations officials were not given proper notifications.

This site will be adjacent to the Fraser River and could pose an immense health hazard to future generations living alongside the river.

The site needs to be at a higher elevation and far from the Fraser River.

It seems to be that this council acts as if they live in a "Bunker" and are not willing to permit public participation. This has to change for the future.


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