Thursday, January 16, 2014




The Battle over GMO

A conversation with wild salmon activist Eddie Gardner

Submitted by Eddie Gardner, Farmed Atlantic Salmon Boycott


The Voice asked Eddie Gardner if it is possible to get Chilliwack Mayor Sharon Gaetz to create a bylaw similar to one created by North Vancouver Mayor Darrell Mussatto banning the same of genetically modified food in the community.


like your idea about meeting with Sharon Gaetz. The meeting would certainly let us know where she stands with GMOs and promoting and supporting the various fisheries that provide a livelihood and food to Aboriginal people, and the lucrative sports fisheries and the ecotourism industry.

She would also need to be aware about the health of the people who are unawares about the contamination levels, despite the efforts of the boycott rallies and initiatives, and valuable information put out by David Suzuki, Living Oceans and Farmed and Dangerous.  

Alexandra Morton is monitoring the Fukushima disaster and there appear to be indications that salmon are impacted. This seems logical to me as they swim for out into the ocean and are bound to run into the spread of contamination caused by the nuclear meltdown.

We will forge on and do what we can to mobilize people to push for the changes that are needed. We are at the fork in the road in 2014, and if we don't take the right road, we will bring about a world the next generations will find increasingly unbearable, and ultimately humans will become extinct.  

Mother Earth can continue well without us if we don't respect natural laws and work in harmony with the elemental forces.


Join Eddie Gardner at noon this Saturday at Superstore on Luckakuck Way in Chilliwack as part of an awareness campaign regarding the sales of farmed Atlantic salmon in the community.



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