Thursday, January 9, 2014




'Alarmed' Over Editorial

WaterWealth insist they are non-partisan

Submitted by Sheila Muxlow, WWP


noticed your editorial comment and although I appreciate your right to an opinion, I thought your journalist integrity would appreciate getting the correct facts. 


I was alarmed to see you call Dick Harrington and Chris Gadsden Directors, because they are not and I am not sure how you came to such a conclusion. They are interested community members who attended one of our public events - the same holiday party you were invited to, along with our MP, MLAs, City Council, Cornelia, Paul and Jennifer and other community members spanning First Nation, business, and youth organizations.


Their influence on WaterWealth is similar to when John Martin attended our Wine for Water fundraiser and Beer O'clock events. Or when Chad Eros and Michael Henshall attended our Lunch and Learn events. We are, and will continue to be, non-partisan with a commitment to collaboration across political lines within our community for long-term effective water protection. 

It ironic that you question who pays for our office space, as we are in the process of potentially losing the space due to limited funds. We are looking to other community members to potentially share the space so we can keep it as a community hub for people keen to work on issues that relate to water, but we will see what happens. 

As for hidden agendas, I continue to invite you to call me directly if you have questions about my work, or the work of WaterWealth. 



Editor's note: For the record, our readers should know that I'm not a journalist and don't call me a writer either. I am only reporting. I remember writing for the BCIT campus rag in 1980. I'm college-trained in high-end digital pre-press. I've produced newspapers in Vancouver for a number of years, wrote for a few different rags downtown; Spanish, Mandarin and English. I've worked with Squire Barnes on his now-defunct magazine called Sports Pics. I set type in Yaletown and around Vancouver. I bring that to the table here. But, I'm definitely not one of these holier-than-thou Chilliwack journalists.


The idea behind the op-ed item was to incite average citizens who aren't politically motivated to stand up for their environment, rather than relying on people with political ambitions to do their dirty work for them. I used Waterweatlth as an example. Nothing personal. I don't know any activists on a personal level. Not to say I don't like them. Au contraire. I look forward to gabbing with the activists. Some media folks in Chilliwack look at activists as a joke. I kid you not. They've told me. But I take what people do seriously and I like to know what their motivation is and what drives them to do what they do. What their agendas are etc.


I asked a gent today why he was protesting in front of MP Mark Strahl's office.


And who is this Cornelia, Paul and Jennifer? I don't know those people. I walked in on a meeting and saw people sitting around a table directly involved with political parties. Most of them with NDP leanings and some wannabe "Green" guy.  I think like anyone else would and stand behind everything I write here like; tell me we won't see this fresh-faced media darling's name on an NDP ballot some day and I'll eat my keyboard.


If Muxlow wants to be evasive about her real agenda, that's up to her. Seems she's been spoiled already. But as far as I'm concerned, Muxlow is still in denial. Are these the kind of people who we want representing us in political theatres? I'm just putting out the facts and suggesting possibilities. Our readers can decide for themselves.


Digital dog nog aside, I have one obligation to the Voice's readers.


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