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Petition to stop Bill C-18 and corporate control of food 

Submitted by Wendy Bales, FVRD Director, Area C


his has been a concern of mine for a while. Bill C-18 could be rushed through soon. It follows along with some of the things that I have learned at Free Trade forums as well as what has been WIKI leaked about the TPP trade deal.


Please read, share, print, sign, and mail in this petition.


If you don’t have a printer please get in touch with Wendy here or 604-820-1451
If you can, sign up a sheetload of friends. You can either mail it directly to NFU address, or to me and I will see that it is mailed in. If you have time write to your federal ministers.

National Farmers Union
2717 Wentz Avenue
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 4B6

We are already losing so much biodiversity of plants and animals from pesticide or herbicide sprays. Don’t let large monopolies control the seeds of life and diversity. Please read more below or at NFU here. Read more about the Seed Act principles here and at BlackBurn here.

Call to Action - Stop Bill C-18!
On Dec. 9, 2013, bill C-18 amends several Ag laws to give multi national corps greater power and control over Canada's seed industry. The National Farmers Union (NFU), has released "Fundamental Principles for a Farmers' Seed Act" which recognizes the inherent rights of farmers to save, reuse, select, exchange and sell seeds

How to Take Action

• Contact your Member of Parliament here.
• Canadian Ministry (Cabinet) here.

The petition to stop Bill C-18 is a hardcopy petition because Parliamentarians cannot use an online petition - elected representatives cannot recognize electronic signatures and, for this same reason, they cannot read online petitions in the House of Commons. Additionally, both the NFU and CBAN has had great success with this type of petition because it has been part of a larger campaign that encourages people to directly contact their MPs which is a far more influential action. Read more about Bill C-18 here.


While online petitions can be signed and shared quickly, they are only effective in certain circumstances. We need to encourage people to take actions that will actually make a difference, and encourage people to take that extra step if they can. We will continue to consider an appropriate role for online tools but in the meantime the NFU is asking people to write to their MP or collect signatures. Your support and action are appreciated.

“Those who control seed control food, and as a sovereign nation we must ensure that control of seed and food is protected in the public interest", said Terry Boehm, Chair of the The National Farmers Union Seed and Trade Committee.

This is not the farmers battle, it is our battle, about our food and your children's future.


Download the petition here.


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