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Slumming and Chumming

NDP pseudo activists gear up for a Chilliwack City Hall takeover in November elections

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Glen Thompson (L) gives his details to RCMP after causing a disturbance during a rally on Chilliwack Lake Rd. in May 2010


ith the Chilliwack municipal elections looming in November, it remains to be seen who's going to come charging out of the gate first.


Complacency is a nice warm and fuzzy state-of-mind to be in. So far, there are no signs from City Hall's main players — the current Councillors and Mayor — that we're in an election year.

But there's plenty of shuffling feet behind the scenes.

Local NDP associate Glen Thompson has been making more speeches at more rallies and taking centre stage on a few issues involving the City lately. For instance, he organized a forum at Evergreen Hall recently to discuss the proposed hazardous waste facility.

He's shown up at City Hall for the last three meetings and already he's chumming it up at the media tables in the back of chambers.

Thompson's been champing at the bit for quite a few years.

In 2010, we first encountered him when he created a neo-conservation group called Friends of the Chilliwack River Valley. His mandate was gravel and going after then-Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, Randy Hawes.


People believed he was sincere and had no hidden political agenda because he lived in the CRV in a trailer with his American wife, whom he later divorced.

It was there in the CRV where love blossomed with his fiancé, former MLA Gwen O'Mahony, and together they marched in lock-step through other issues which included hammering at MP Mark Strahl on Veterans issues.


Whenever you turned around at a rally, there was either O'Mahony or Thompson standing in the crowd.

Sheila Muxlow, a WaterWealth Project Director, whose ranks are deeply entrenched in the NDP, called a press conference in December at the proposed hazardous waste disposal site alongside the Fraser River.

Thompson told the Voice afterward that it was lucky for Muxlow that he was there, because they weren't even at the right spot and he said he had to fill in the blanks for the TV crews.

"The TV camera guys were there and were wondering where the spot was and said 'aww, this is bullshit'," he said.

It was all about the photo op.

Creating quasi-environmental movements and mobilizing the public with rallies has been a favored modus operandi for the NDP over the last several years in Chilliwack.

They pick a flavour-of-the-week issue, rally the troops in social media and presto: pre-election coverage.

Last week, Thompson referred to Chilliwack City Councillors as do-nothings and suggested they (NDP) could do better.


"They don't do anything, they just rubber stamp everything. We gotta get some of our guys in there," he told the Voice outside council chambers.

How long do they think they can charade as champions of the environment? People are starting to realize that they're not out there waving placards for the environment, but rather sign dancing for a political party.

These guys are doing more to damage and destroy people's faith in their ability to effect change and help the environment than anything else.

Nothing has changed on any issue the NDP has been involved in. The city would be far better served if this guy left town and went back to his New Westminster enclave on a permanent basis.

Adrian Dix moaned about attack ads every time he was in Chilliwack and spoke about how the BC Liberals were on a witch-hunt for him.

Dix's lamentations were difficult to swallow. The Voice had him one-on-one at a candidate's office and asked if he thought the Liberal attack ads were actually helping him. He was evasive and vague in his response.


The NDP don't think twice about going after their opponents any way possible.

Chilliwack NDP are their own worst enemies. It's especially evident in social media with thugs and trolls like Gwen O'Mahony's former personal secretary Jennifer Woodroff and fellow digital miscreants like @richardabaju doing their dirty work, flaming daily with maniacal determination.


Woodroff sent the Voice an e-mail two weeks ago calling Gaetz schoolyard names and many other e-mails over the years cussing like a sailor. Childish to say the least. People like this are also known to utilize multiple social media accounts in order to gang up on others. Ironically, Woodroff's business name is "One Woman Army".


The NDP pack also went after Ben Besler in that way during the last School Board elections which saw NDP associate Dan Coulter elected.

In terms of the November election, staunch NDP leftie Richard Harrington, who gave it a good whirl last election, may be back. Depends how much of his retirement money he wants to throw away. We're likely also going to see NDP associate Phil Bruce make a run at it again. Bruce is bright and shiny material. Too bright and shiny for the NDP. The Liberals would love to have this guy. It wouldn't be out of the question if they came up with the right deal. But Bruce has strong union ties and would have to shed those before he ever became a card-carrying Liberal.

There have been rustlings in the wind about Councillor Jason Lum eyeballing the mayor's seat. But that's questionable. Woodroff referred to him as the mayor's go-boy on the incineration issue. He's young and new and wants to make an impression. Plus, he likes his trips to Cambodia a bit too much to take on Sharon Gaetz should she decide to stay on for another term. Just a hunch, but he'll just try to stay on as councillor.

We'll be taking a look at how things shape up over the next few months. But that's enough to think about for now.



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