Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Integrity Check

NDP using Facebook for propaganda, Cheam dump a toxic time bomb

Submitted by Ana (last name withheld), Chilliwack


have been a reader of your site for many years now, some things I've disagreed with, while others I enjoyed. I, however, have never agreed more than with your article "Slumming and Chumming."


To me it's funny that they (Jennifer Woodroff, Glen Thompson, and Shelia Muxlow) are all up in arms about a legitimate business that is following the law and doing things the right way, are turning a blind eye to other, in my opinion, more serious potential disasters to the environment.

There is the landfill on the Cheam Band that we've all heard rumours about being full of toxic chemicals. Then there is also the landfill off of Wolfe Road (the approx. 100 foot tall one you can see across from the sewer treatment plant) that is also on reserve land.

This one has me the most flabbergasted.

There is no dikes around it (you are driving on the dike on Wolfe Road and it turns abruptly at Dike Road beside the old Major Leagues), and is within 40 meters of a water way that is 700 meters away from the Fraser River, just upstream from the site of the proposed plant. I have heard that they do not require dumpers to sort their garbage, so trucks as far away from Vancouver Island come to dump who knows what there.

I too question the above named people's integrity when they are only criticizing the proposed new plant so they can run the Mayor and Council into the ground for following the law, and make themselves look good.

As for the social media rallying of the troops have you checked out the Facebook page "Real Life in Chilliwack...Good and Bad? It used to be a group that people would share the happenings of Chilliwack on, whether it was good news or bad news.

Now, Glen Thompson has become a moderator, and Jennifer and Gwen are constantly posting their political slanted views on there. If you disagree with them, they try to cut you short, put you down, or make you feel stupid. If you catch them in a lie (eg. posting a fake picture) they will demand proof, but will not have proof of their sources. Pretty soon I'm thinking it will be called Jennifer for Mayor in Chilliwack with the amount she is posting and criticizing on there.

Thank you for your well written piece.


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