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Harrison gets over $160K for tourism infrastructure

Released by the BC Gov't Caucus


he Government of British Columbia is supporting local tourism by investing more than $5.97 million in 14 resort-oriented municipalities throughout the Province, including the latest installment of $160,423 for Harrison Hot Springs.


Since the Resort Municipality Initiative (RMI) was launched in 2007, Harrison Hot Springs has received over $2.1 million. Communities will use RMI funding to enhance services and infrastructure geared at attracting more tourists and having them stay longer.

"It's so important for resort-oriented municipalities like Harrison Hot Springs have the resources to develop their local tourism-related infrastructure to support regional tourism economies," said Laurie Throness, MLA for Chilliwack Hope. "The Resort Municipality Initiative provides targeted funding for just such a purpose and I look forward to following the progress of this year's projects in the village."

This year's RMI funds will be used toward projects including the village centre renewal, festivals and events, streetscape improvements and beach development.

This year's RMI funds will be used to help with the village centre renewal, including a lakeshore promenade, as well as improvements to the beach and lagoon.

"We are excited to begin phase one of the Village Centre Renewal Project in early March of this year," said Harrison Hot Springs Mayor Leo Facio. "Phase one of the project will improve the streetscape along a portion Esplanade Avenue by widening sidewalks, installing new street furniture and improving on-street parking which allows visitors and residents to enjoy the amenities and all the natural beauty that Harrison Hot Springs offers. The Resort Municipality Initiative allows resort communities like Harrison Hot Springs to improve tourism infrastructure and continue to grow our tourism economy."

Since 2007, more than $72.5 million dollars has been invested through the RMI in tourism infrastructure and programs to support regional tourism economies. In 2011, the tourism sector - identified in the BC Jobs Plan as one of eight key sectors - employed 126,700 British Columbians, generated more than $13.4 billion in revenue for tourism-related businesses and contributed more than $1.13 billion to provincial government revenues.

To learn more about the program, visit here. and the BC Jobs Plan




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