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Feds announce increase in salmon feedlots

Released by Eddie Gardner, Farmed Salmon Boycott/Voice photos


A Stó:lō dancer at a Farmed Salmon Boycott Saturday in Chilliwack. Below, a shopper is given an informational brochure.


armed Atlantic salmon boycott rallies were held across B.C. Saturday to educate the public about contamination levels so high that SeaChoice, Oceanwise and Monterey Bay Aquarium SeafoodWatch have all red-listed this product to avoid.


This is especially important for pregnant women and children.  At the rallies, pamphlets showing what exactly is in farmed salmon will be handed out: wide fat bars where toxins accumulate contain DDT, which is linked to breast cancer and gets passed on to babies through breastfeeding; viruses such as salmon influenza type virus, and a novel retrovirus; insecticides such as endosulfan, banned due to high toxicity; GMO corn and animal by-products used in salmon feed; PCBs, dangerous chemicals that can cause cancer, immune dysfunction and nervous system damage, and more! 


Armed with this information and with links to get more information from credible sources, Superstore customers will likely buy wild salmon instead of farmed Atlantic salmon grown in open-net pens in our coastal waters.


“Our experience with the Superstores in Chilliwack, Coquitlam, Duncan, North Vancouver and Nanaimo have been very cooperative,” stated Eddie Gardner. “These are peaceful rallies, respectful of property and people, and we are hopeful that all Superstores will afford the same respectful cooperation to the boycott rallies across B.C.,” added Mr. Gardner, Boycott Coordinator. 


“We are surprised that the Director of Social Responsibility at Loblaw’s is still ignoring our request made last year to remove farmed Atlantic salmon from Superstore coolers,” said Angela Superneault, member of the Chilliwack Boycott Chapter. 


“People notice that Superstore is proud to promote the sale of hormone- and antibiotic-free beef and pork, yet look at the contamination levels in farmed salmon," said activist Shawna Green adding that Superstore needs to be consistent and remove farmed Atlantic salmon from their shelves. Superstores come under the overall management of Loblaw’s.


The aquaculture industry remains plagued with dangerous mutating viruses, pollution and parasites – forcing them to use chemicals and antibiotics to protect their farmed fish grown in open-net cages, many of which are placed on the migration routes of the endangered Fraser River sockeye salmon.


Listen to Eddie Gardner speak at a Farmed Salmon Boycott rally at Superstore in Chilliwack on Saturday. Part one and part two.


Editor's Note: The Conservative government announced Friday they plan to increase the number of open net pens on the West Coast.


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