Friday, January 3, 2014

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Meet Chilliwack's First Baby!

Proud and surprised parents

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Andrew and Amber Hayden with their 2-year-old daughter and Baby Andrew Chilliwack's first baby of 2014.


t 3:20 a.m. on Wednesday, January 1st, Chilliwack had its first bouncing baby, a boy by the name of Andrew and weighing in at a whopping 9 lbs. 1 oz.


Baby Andrew's proud parents, Andrew and Amber Hayden, were astounded at having a New Year's baby.


"We did not expect that," the new dad told the Voice over the phone on Thursday. "When we got to the hospital, there was already a woman who was heavy into labour, and we got there and it took two hours."


"When the baby was born we turned to the nurses and said "So, he's number two and they said 'No, he's the new year's baby.'"


The Hayden's also have a two-year-old daughter.


Hayden, 25, works throughout the Fraser Valley as an environmental driller testing groundwater, was born and raised in the Chilliwack area.


A group representing local merchants showed up at Chilliwack General Hospital with armfuls of gifts for the couple.


"They gave us some gifts and it was very nice, and I guess there is more because they scheduled a home meet with us," said Hayden. "There's lots of gift cards from local businesses, kids toys, toothbrushes and stuff."


Hayden said his wife is doing great.


"The delivery went fantastic and she's healthy, and actually 100x better than when she was pregnant," he said with a laugh.


Neither Hayden or wife were nervous about it going into the hospital.


"We weren't nervous the first time and we weren't nervous this time," he said. "We were very prepared and it was actually very happy."


Little Andrew already has some of his dad's attributes who is 6' 6" tall.


"I'm a big guy, so we expected him to be big



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