Monday, January 13, 2014


Mailbox Madness

Canada Post plan a 'disgrace', needs rethink says reader

Submitted by Ann Muehlebach, Chilliwack


et's hope the mailboxes idea won't have a chance to play itself out -- for better, or for worse. There are such glaring flaws in the idea of community mailboxes that Canada Post should go back to the drawing board.


The currently proposed strategy will be nothing more than providing a dis-service to the public instead of a service that hitherto has almost defined Canadians: the trusted Mail Carrier.


Where I live, a centralized mailbox holding my mail would require me to make a daily car trip to see if anything at all is inside the box.


At the same time, how will I even know when to expect the mail delivery time? How will I be protected from loiterers hanging around the boxes, especially when it is dark? What happens during inclement weather or when we are sick and are prevented from getting out to receive our mail in a timely manner so that we can pay bills, and other, on time?


Canada Post must respect the needs of all Canadians, majority and minority combined.


I, for one, would feel much more a proud Canadian if I could brag to friends and relatives abroad, who keep in touch with us via mail, that the mail they send us is safe in our mail carrier's hands.


Canada Post should come down to earth on this one hire more people at the bottom, if need be, and drastically reduce the executive positions, salaries and payouts at the top. Canada Post as a cultural institution should be an asset to Canadian communities everywhere not a disgrace.



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