Friday, January 24, 2014


Air & Watersheds Need TLC

Polluted planet a 'dismal legacy'

Submitted by Ann Muehlebach, Chilliwack/Voice photo


One of a few benches around Spadina Ave. and Courbould St. donated by Nestle Waters.


here is a glaring irony emerging in the City's efforts to accommodate the citing of a hazardous waste recycling plant and transfer depot for hazardous waste alongside the Fraser River.


While City Hall, through the Fraser Valley Regional District, is adamant that NO garbage incinerator should be built within the Greater Vancouver Regional District because it would pollute the Fraser Valley air-shed, the same degree of concern is NOT being extended to protecting the Fraser River water-shed.


Both air-shed and water-shed are crucial factors in maintaining what most people have come to believe in these parts of the valley: as the best place to live a healthy life in magnificent surroundings. As a community, therefore, it is our collective responsibility to make sure that both our air-shed and water-shed remain as unpolluted as possible.


Locating a hazardous waste remediation and holding facility in an eco-sensitive area, which is also a flood plain and an important water-shed, in my opinion, is heading for disaster, not just for now, but also for generations to come.


Our elected officials and staff at City Hall must show more environmental stewardship towards the river because, if they don't, they will be leaving a dismal legacy behind when their respective terms of office end.


Air-shed and water-shed are intrinsically bound and cannot be revived once their environmental integrity is depleted. By all means, assist Aevitas to locate somewhere else just not 200 meters from the Fraser River, or anywhere else in the water-shed.


Chilliwack resident Ann Muehlebach, advocates for a healthy and sustainable environment.




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