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Something in the Wind

'A travel adventure in music' at GW Graham Feb 7 featuring harpist Hankey and vocalist Dalton

Submitted by Jack Kopstein, BSO


The Cascadia Wind Ensemble who will be playing at GW Graham February 7 put on a performance at Cottonwood Mall.


ake a pinch of Jazz and spice it with magnificent music from around the world and you have the recipe for a thrilling evening of music.


The Cascadia Wind Ensemble under the direction of well - known and respected music director Shannon Goldsmith will be appearing LIVE on February 7th at 7:00 at the G.W. Graham auditorium.


At the closing of Minter gardens in September, they were able to bring joy in the form of their music to an otherwise sad occasion.


Conductor Shannon Goldsmith has selected some of the well - known and beloved Lollipops of the musical repertoire for the band to showcase on this travel adventure at G.W. Graham. The group has thrived under her leadership.


The Cascadia musicians come from all walks of life, many of whom travel long distances just to be able to perform with the group.


The ensemble began in April of 2013 and has made enormous strides since the opening  rehearsal.


This concert promises to be a joyous occasion with the artistry of Joanne Hankey playing Harp and the glorious voice of Penny Dalton.


The tickets for this performance are 15.00 and are available for purchase at The Art Room: #20 Ė 5725 Vedder Rd. in advance, or at the door the evening of the show.

The concert is sponsored by the Chilliwack Community Arts Council. Please contact 604-769-2787 for more information or to order your tickets by phone.

This will be one of the BEST Tickets in Town in 2014 donít miss this glorious concert of delightful and pleasing music in terrific surroundings. Bring the entire family


For more information, visit www.chilliwackartscouncil.com



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