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Friday, Dec 22, 2017


Local News

Bad English

Chilliwack resident finds hate propaganda in yard and it's not who you think

By Voice Staff


A Chilliwack resident found hate propaganda on their front lawn.


ast week, Dan Coulter, SD33 trustee, woke up to find a bag of rice with a flyer printout inside marked with crude hate propaganda.

Barry Neufeld, SD33 trustee, responded saying he regrets someone was treated that way referring to whoever it was that tossed it onto their yard as "Agent provocateurs."

Callers to the number on the flyer get a prerecorded message containing hate propaganda.

"I do NOT see transgenderism as an "abomination." I am NOT a hateful person. However, I do see it as a mental illness that needs to be approached carefully with compassion and understanding," said Neufeld. "There are several methods of dealing with gender dysphoria in children. I am hoping to engage in a respectful dialogue/debate and I condemn anyone who would drop such extremist trash on your property."

"The Klu Klux Klan has not been active in Canada since the 1930's when it was popular in Saskatchewan. The phone number with area code 336 is North Carolina," added Neufeld.


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