Thursday, January 24, 2013


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BC Gov't contributes to bicycle lane

Released by the BC Gov't


he B.C. government is providing $26,323 in funding to support Boundary Road Shoulder Bike Way project in Chilliwack. There will be an 800 metre bike lane on the east side of the road from Yarrow Central Road to No. 3 Road.


This complements the existing bikeway on the west side of the road, encouraging cyclists to ride on the correct side of the road.


“This funding will both promote and increase healthy living in our community. This project is a positive investment toward improving health,” said Chilliwack MLA John Les in a Wednesday release.


Why this matters:

• Cycling is a key component of the B.C. government’s strategy for encouraging healthy living and addressing climate change, in conjunction with the Climate Action Plan and the Provincial Transit Plan.

• Across British Columbia 20 communities will share more than $7.36 million in BikeBC funding.

• This funding will go towards 21 projects to expand and build cycling lanes, trails, and paths, increasing physical activity and helping reduce greenhouse gases.

• This year’s projects range from a new cycling track, new bike lanes, and intersection improvements.

• BikeBC is a cost-sharing program between the Government of B.C. and local governments.

• This year’s investment will help create more than $14.5 million in cycling infrastructure.

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