Wednesday, January 9, 2013


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Battle of the Bucks

Harper government set to grab billions from Super Annuity fund

Submitted by John LaBelle, Nova Scotia


he Prime Minister of Canada has abandoned Canada's Military/RCMP Veterans.


The recent Supreme Court verdict of 9-0 in favour of the Government of Canada, denied Military, RCMP and several Public unions the return of the $28 billion surplus dollars taken from their pension account to pay down the National debt.


Military personnel and Veterans were furious to learn that appointed non-elected Supreme Court Judges side-stepped the issue in favour of the Government, rather than administer the law and protect employees retirement plans.


They should have declared employees pension plan funds as sacred retirement benefits for employees and their families. This grave decision made by the court will place many company pension plans at risk in the future. Owners will deplete surplus funds from their employees pension plan to invest in their company and many pensioners plans will be at risk in the future.

Speaking on the Military Annuity plan, Veterans remember that the Government of Canada took a premium holiday during the 6 and 5 wages and price control years, and never repaid it back to their pension plan.


The current very large surplus (billions of dollars) accumulated in the Military Annuity account will also be depleted to pay down the National debt and/or to purchase new Military equipment. Why is the Government planning to increase military personnel Annuity contributions in the near future when it should be decreasing their contributions?

Unfortunately Canada's Military Heroes have no Unions to negotiate and represent them. Senior Military Officers have no authority to negotiate for their benefits.


The Veterans Ombudsman can only review clients of Veterans Affairs files. At age 70, Public Servant supplementary death benefit (SDB) is a paid up policy of $10,000 dollars compared to $5,000 dollars for Veterans.


The termination of severance pay benefit is another blow to future Veterans and their Families retirement planning. Military personnel serve far abroad on numerous 24/7, 16-hours a day of operational requirements without over time pay.


Military personnel often face dangerous conditions, health hazards and extended family separation that leads to elevated levels of stress. Canadian forces personnel are committed to an unlimited liability and are prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice to their country Canada.

Where does the Government of Canada stand with regards to democracy, fairness, justice and dignity towards its Veterans when it is not willing to share the surplus in their Annuity plan?


At age 65 the Government claws back Military personnel CPP benefits while it exempts Senators, Members of Parliament and Judge Advocates. Are Veterans not also worthy?


Canada's Armed Forces is the only Force in the world that is directed to purchase their own disability insurance protection (SISIP). Disabled Veterans Annuity is clawed back immediately! The Government of Canada terminated the pension Act disability protection of its disabled Veterans and their Families.


The new lump sum payment plan robs disabled Veterans 60% of their previous disability benefits. This situation will cause serious financial hardship to many Veterans and their Families in the future. The closure of Veterans hospital beds and the production of TV style dinners for disabled Veterans is the latest pain the Government has inflicted on our disabled Veterans. Veterans must now often resort to the courts to receive job-related disability benefits.


Mr. Harper, as the Prime Minister of Canada, you must take full responsibility for abandoning Canada's Veterans!

We shall remember!


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