Sunday, January 13, 2013


Opting Out Still Not An Option

Bullied by BC Hydro into taking smart meters

Submitted by Orion Engar, Chwk/Voice file photo


Chilliwack River Valley resident is an outspoken critic on the topic of smart meters in BC Orion Engar.


he BC Liberals have still not seen fit to listen to thousands of concerned citizens, including many credible scientists, medical doctors, engineers, plus 59 municipalities in opposition to this issue of ramming smart meters down our throats. They have extended their deadline to install by another year to "communicate" with us.


According to Hydro's numbers, 140,000 people are still without or steadfastly refusing a new
microwave transmitting meter. This does not include the likely much larger number of people that are irate about having received a meter when they didn't want one.

Evidently Hydro is now starting to bully people in some parts of the province with letters suggesting you must comply because:

"When customers request service from BC Hydro they agree to the terms and conditions in BC Hydro´s Electric Tariff, including the obligation to provide access to their property so that we can read, maintain or exchange the BC Hydro meter.

While I have not yet received such a letter, I remain committed to refusing a smart meter on my property and look forward to the delicious media opportunity, should they actually be so stupid as to cut my power off.

While I acknowledge their right to read my meter and exchange it for another analog one, never once have I signed any document giving Hydro the right to install a micro wave transmitter of any kind on my property, especially one that I cannot turn off, nor have I ever given Hydro any right to transmit my energy usage data wirelessly through my neighbours meters and their neighbours meters, over a wireless Local Area and Wide area network, regardless of their persistent and hollow claims of security and privacy.

In California, the only way they got the Opt-Out Option was from the huge backlash that ensued once their utility went so far as to cut power off on a few homes. The Public Relations nightmare that resulted for the California Utility forced the Utility to offer people an opt-out option.


I fully intend to do my part to shame this government into taking a more reasonable stance, and offer those concerned, at very least, a wired smartmeter, as some other jurisdictions have had the decency to do. Incidentally, the Itron meter they have installed wirelessly here in BC, is wire ready and can be installed via hard wire and has been
installed as such, in other jurisdictions.

Check TV on the Island recently ran a poll asking, "Should people be forced to get Smart
Meters?" — the results were over 74% of respondents said NO! People should NOT be
forced to have a Smart Meter.



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