Wednesday, January 16, 2013


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Oliver's Twist

Missing dog presumed stolen

Released by Alesha MacLellan, Petsearchers


liver, a 2.5 year old golden retriever, has seemingly disappeared into thin air from his family farm in Chilliwack.


Since he went missing on New Yearís day, his owners have spent days and nights frantically searching high and low for their beloved pup, following up on leads from Revelstoke to Vancouver.

"Oliver is a part of our family, he would never wander away from his home or his sister Lily" said Oliverís owner, Rosemary Reed. Lily is Oliver's "fur-sister", a one and a half year old female golden retriever and "they're practically bonded at the hip" says Reed.

The owners even went so far as to hire a pet detective agency, Petsearchers Canada - a company that specializes in tracking down lost and stolen pets throughout B.C. Jed, a scent trained bloodhound and his handler, expert tracker Al MacLellan followed Oliver's scent throughout his property and the nearby areas he normally explores around his home.

MacLellan says "We are certain that Oliver didn't encounter predators (coyotes or cougar) in the area. Oliver is 110lbs and we definitely would have found evidence of a struggle during our scent trailing search. We were able to do a fairly full canvass of the vast territory and are quite confident in our assessment that Oliver has been taken directly from the area around his property."

Dog thefts are fairly rare in the Fraser Valley, though they occasionally do happen. Oliver had the misfortune of being a purebred golden retriever who is extremely friendly and outgoing - therefore an easy target for dog thieves or opportunistic passers-by. "Thankfully, most of the pets stolen locally are recovered. It seems as though overall, we have a fairly low incidence of pet theft for things such as dog fighting rings and medical sales, compared to the United States.

We have a vast community of pet lovers here, and it really shows when a pet goes missing. So many people step up to help and spread the word." says Al. Oliver's story is going viral, with hundreds of shares from the "Missing Pets in BC" Facebook page and many people in the community spending time searching, passing out flyers and helping to spread the word.

With Oliverís picture spreading throughout the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver area, Petsearchers Canada is hopeful that a tip will come in leading to Oliverís recovery and closure of the case. If you have any information or tips regarding Oliverís whereabouts, please contact Petsearchers Canada at 604-424-4121 or by e-mail here.



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