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Supporting local agriculture high on NDP to-do list

Submitted by Patti MacAhonic/Voice file photo


am writing in response to the letters written by Dawn Ward and John Pritchard, and to speak about the importance of buying local and supporting our local businesses and producers.


This is a principle that Adrian Dix and the BC NDP support whole heartedly and one that I have always promoted in my role as Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce here in Chilliwack.

I have long been a strong proponent of shopping within our community because of the many benefits it generates on a local level.  Local businesses return a much larger share of their revenue back into the local economy, they contribute to our community tax base, and create significant economic spinoffs and jobs that enrich the lives of everyone here in Chilliwack.

Strong local businesses also result in stiffer competition, and we all benefit from competitive pricing and a higher quality of goods and services. Lastly an important benefit of shopping locally is the lessened environmental impact that it has because the proximity of local shops and services results in a much smaller ecological footprint.

Adrian Dix and the BC NDP have demonstrated our support for local businesses and producers by proposing a buy local strategy for hospitals and other government agencies. In Chilliwack our strong agriculture sector would benefit greatly from a locally focused purchasing policy. These are the kinds of practical solutions that the BC NDP is offering to make life better and more affordable for you and your family.

I encourage everyone to shop locally and I hope to meet more supporters and community members while out shopping, using services and enjoying a meal at one of our many local businesses.


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