Thursday, January 10, 2013

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Affirmed if Confirmed

MacAhonic tenders resignation pending NDP nomination to Chilliwack riding Jan 19

Released by the Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce


xecutive Director, Patti MacAhonic has offered her resignation if she wins the nomination for the NDP Jan 19,2012.


"The Chamber Board recently shared their concerns with me, that they will be challenged  to find a qualified stand-in replacement for the 4 month period preceding the actual provincial election. Hence, today, in the best interest of the Chamber membership, I offered my full resignation if I win the NDP nomination" said Ms. MacAhonic, "giving up my position as Executive Director permanently".


During Patti MacAhonic's time at the Chamber's helm, successful milestones included the implementation of a new and efficient operations system, spearheading important policy on derelict buildings, and most recently, in conjunction with Fraser Valley Chambers, working collaboratively on behalf of Chilliwack businesses to implement Mobile Business Licensing, which cuts red tape, and reduces business costs for mobile Chilliwack Businesses.

In conclusion Patti stated, "I want to take the high road and thank the board and staff for their professionalism, hard work and dedication during my time with them. Also, I would sincerely like to thank the Chamber membership for their participation, ensuring that the Chamber is truly the 'Voice of Business" for our community. If successful in my bid to represent Chilliwack at the provincial level, I sincerely look forward to working with you all in the future, to continue to create an environment where our businesses can thrive, increasing jobs and economic opportunity for all Chilliwack residents."


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