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The Physical Effects of Emotional Trauma

Women and Cancer: Finding hope in understanding Feb 7 & 11

Submitted by John Theobold, BSc, Yarrow BC


n 1979, Dr R G Hamer MD, as the result of his own personal experience with cancer, while practicing conventional medicine in a German cancer clinic, embarked on a path of research that proves scientifically and unequivocally, that cancer and many related "diseases" are in actual fact, emergency biological responses of the body to an external emotional trauma.


He clearly establishes a link between emotional trauma and cancer, heart disease, skin & muscle disorders, psychological disorders and more.

German New Medicine offers a completely new understanding of what we commonly call disease and proves scientifically that cancer is not - as previously thought - a senseless proliferation of deadly and malignant cells but rather part of a Biological Program of Nature, designed to support and assist the body in dealing with emotional trauma.

After an introduction to the principles of German New Medicine, the following cancers will be discussed from the perspective of GNM;

Breast cancer (the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women), ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, uterine cancer. The two most frequently diagnosed secondary cancers; lung and bone cancer (including osteoporosis / lymphomas / leukemia).

Chronic conditions like yeast & candida infections, kidney cancer (cysts, water retention, hypertension, bladder and kidney disorders and infections, kidney stones), adrenal cancer (Cushing Syndrome, Addison's disease), and thyroid cancer.

Men are welcome and encouraged to attend

The cost is $150. Advance registration with a deposit of $60 secures your space and qualifies for a $25 discount


6:30 - 9:30 pm Thurs, 7 Feb
8:30 am - 1:30 pm Monday 11 Feb

Yarrow Health
42228 Yarrow Central
Yarrow BC
604 823 4150


For more information, e-mail Christina here or John here

Deposit Policy - deposits are non refundable, however if you do not attend the seminar that you registered for, the deposit can be carried forward and used for a future seminar or it can be transferred to someone else.

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