Wednesday, January 9, 2013

BC Politics

In Parents We Trust

NDP plan to eliminate skills assessments

Released by Ben James, BC Liberal Caucus


ccording to BCTF President Susan Lambert, NDP leader Adrian Dix wants to restrict parents from additional information about how their kids are performing in school. Lambert recently said the NDP "have pledged to dump" Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) if they win May's election.


"If it's official NDP policy to eliminate FSAs, Adrian Dix should just say so," said Education Minister Don McRae. "This raises an important question: who exactly runs the NDP, Mr. Dix or the unions? If Adrian Dix has made a secret promise to get rid of FSAs, what other promises has he made? Why won't they just release their platform and let the public to decide for themselves?"

The BC Liberal Government supports FSAs, because parents have a right to know how their children are doing in school. If they don't want their kids to participate, they can opt out by completing a form.

"We trust parents to make these decisions," added McRae.


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