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Free your mind at Cloud 9 in Abbotsford

Released by Travis McLaren, Cloud 9 Abbotsford


elcome to Cloud 9 Float Spa, a space for relaxation where spiritual barriers can be broken as you defy all gravity.

Around the globe a "New World Movement" is growing. It is a belief that through changing the way we take care of ourselves –not just our bodies, but also our minds, spirit and the world around us – we are creating a healthier society.

Based in the heart of the Fraser Valley, Cloud 9 Float Spa is the only Float Tank Centre in all of British Columbia. After a person's first float at Cloud 9 they feel the immediate calmness and therapeutic healing that occurs, making Abbotsford (70 km from Vancouver) an easy destination for all to experience floating.

Floaters will hover effortlessly in 11 inches of water that is saturated with 900lbs of Epson Salts. It feels like nothing you have ever experienced in this lifetime, as if you are soaring above the earth inside of a gentle cloud.

Because of a heightened level on consciousness one is able to fully let go of all tension and worldly concerns, as their brainwaves slow down from the day-to-day (Beta Level), and they enter into the tranquil frequency call the Theta Level. Theta brain waves are what every person experiences the moments before they fall asleep each night.

However, the difference in what you will achieve in the tank is a prolonged Theta State. Children and those who have spent years practicing meditation seem to have no problem producing prolonged Theta Brain Waves. Now it is time for you to experience this serenity too. Floating in a zero gravity environment, your body and mind are allowed to fully relax, as your muscles and joints do not have to bear any weight at all.

This sensation is one, which very few will ever get to experience outside of a float tank. Without the constant distractions of the outside world, the body lowers it cortisol levels, which is the main chemical component of stress. During a float session your brain also releases elevated levels of dopamine and endorphins, which are the neurotransmitters of peace and happiness.

At Cloud 9 Float Spa, we guarantee you will have an enlightening experience which you will feel compelled to share with friends, family and co-workers the next day. Be a apart of the New World Movement and experience floating for the first time!

About Cloud 9

Cloud 9 Float Spa has been in operation since August 1st, 2012. We have two Float Tanks at our facility as well as a Hydro-Massage bed. Weather you live in Abbotsford, Vancouver or somewhere abroad, we guarantee floating will be like nothing you've ever experience before. It's not about the destination, but about the journey you will experience!


Cloud 9 is the largest float facility in BC. The spa is located at 2358 Sentinel Drive, Abbotsford. 778-779-0902


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“If the float tank was an amusement park ride at Disneyland, the line would be 7 hours long” – Joe Rogan, Comedian/Commentator


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