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Examining A Need

Seniors clinic to get new exam table and scale thanks to $7K in donations from the CHHCF and the DFP

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Noorjahan Jaganath (L to R), John Jansen, Donna Dixson, Dr. Ralph Jones and Ken Becotte were at Chilliwack General Hospital Tuesday for a new medical equipment announcement. Below, Jansen and Jones trade cheques.


he doctor’s office inside the Seniors Primary Care Clinic at Chilliwack General Hospital looks like any other with an old standard examination table as it's centerpiece.


For elderly patients with mobility issues, especially those frail from arthritis, climbing onto an antiquated table like the one at the Clinic can be hazardous to their health if they slip or if they trip stepping onto the scale.


Because of a generous $7000 donation Tuesday from the Chilliwack Hospital & Health Care Foundation (CHHCF), that’s going to change. Fraser Health Authority (FHA) will now be able to replace the exam table with a new high-end one and safer scale.


The elder-friendly exam tables cost around $5000 and feature things like foot pedals that doctors use to adjust the table height, making it more accessible for their patient.


“It's very difficult if you've got a lot of arthritis and balance problems and you get on a scale, it could be dangerous, so this scale will be safe and accurate,” said Division of Family Practice (DFP) Lead Physician Dr. Ralph Jones. “We’re very pleased to have it.”


CHHCF President John Jansen, and Director of Community Relations Donna Dixson were at the clinic Tuesday for the cheque presentation which was accepted by DFP Executive Director Ken Becotte and Jones on behalf of the FHA. Joining them was RN Noorjahan Jaganath also from the DFP.


Jansen said the CHHFC wants to work more closely with the hospital to establish ways they could help out with some of the DFP initiatives.


CHHFC 's donation was primarily raised through Dixson’s tireless efforts putting together events like the Gift of Health Christmas Breakfast at the Coast Hotel last December.


Dixson says she is excited about the unique alliance that they’ve formed with the DFP. In this case, the CHHFC is paying for the new equipment and the DFP is donating to their Healthy Kids Initiative.


“I think it's one very cool story about the partnership, because at the same time we're doing a reciprocal and contributing to the Primary Seniors Clinic, the Division is supporting our Healthy Kids Initiative that we announced at the breakfast, and they're giving us a cheque for $5000,” she said.


According to Becotte, the Division of Family Practice is a non-profit society consisting of about 95 family physicians in the Chilliwack and Hope areas.


DFP renovated the old lab before opening the Seniors Primary Care Clinic at the hospital about a year ago.


“We have two clinics here; the Seniors Primary Care Clinic, which is a referral basis for looking at patients with early dementia signs and we also have a Primary Care Clinic which handles patients that are discharged from hospital who don't have a physician in the community.”


“The Divisions are unique because you have GPs who work in the hospital and the community, and GPs who just work in the community,” explained Jones. “But we can all get together via the Division to sort of work together for the greater good.”



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