Thursday, January 24, 2013

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Cyclist Down

Young woman injured in collision with moving car

Staff/Voice photos


An injured cyclist winces in pain as paramedics whisk her away to Chilliwack General Hospital on Wednesday.


light rain was falling Wednesday when a 19-year-old woman on a bicycle plowed into the side of a moving vehicle at the intersection of Wellington Ave. and Corbould St.

The woman suffered leg injuries and several bystanders helped calm the woman until BC Ambulance paramedics stabilized her and got her onto a backboard and into a waiting ambulance.

There is no word on her condition, however injuries appeared to be to her legs.

A witness told The Voice all he saw was the woman flying through the air.

She should consider herself lucky. This accident could have been a lot worse had she been struck in the head area, because it didn't appear she was wearing a helmet at the time.

Someone locked the bicycle, which still looked intact, to a street sign.

Quite often, cyclists will run a stop sign if they don't see any traffic at the intersection. It's unclear if this is what happened, but as a general rule, riders should exercise caution at all intersections and use safety equipment such as a helmet.

According to ICBC crash maps, there have been 20 accidents at that corner. Cyclist accident statistics were not available.


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