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Blue Drop movement uses symbolic gesture in rally against pipeline Thursday

Submitted by AJ Klein, Tanker Free BC/Zack Embree photo


undreds of British Columbians gathered today to form a giant blue water drop (the "Überdrop") as part of a colorful statement for unity around the need to protect land and water for future generations.


The demonstration took place outside the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre, to coincide with the last day of this week's Joint Review Panel hearings for the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline.


"The Blue Drop is a symbol of unity, hope and enduring strength. We are combining community and art in order to draw attention to the need to protect land and water from resource extraction projects such as the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline, and the Kinder Morgan pipeline, which is currently servicing tankers leaving our own inlet here in Vancouver," said AJ Klein, co-organizer of today's demonstration.

"We are also demonstrating that, like water drops converging in a river, the movement for positive change is growing stronger, and will flow around any obstacle in its path," Klein said.

The event was organized by Klein and local photographer, artist, and concerned citizen, Zack Embree. Both are members of the Blue Drop Movement, a grassroots initiative driven by people concerned with the current and future health of our land and water. People who wear the blue drop are expressing their concern about the ongoing and escalating damage done to the environment by unsustainable resource extraction projects.

"The beautiful thing about this project is that it came together in the blink of an eye, and everything has fallen into place with unusual ease. It has been a labour of love, to be able to create several spaces for people to come together and work on a common goal, to connect with one another, and to help spread a message that is important for all of us," said Embree.

"We have been very moved by the outpouring of support and encouragement that Team Überdrop has received from the community," he added.

Today's demonstration involved hundreds of people holding large, umbrella-sized blue cardboard drops, made by volunteers from within the community, over their heads. Participants converged outside of the Sheraton Wall Centre to form rivers and streams that eventually joined to form a single, giant blue water drop. The blue cardboard drops were created using more than 1,500 square feet of cardboard bound for the recycling bin, and were painted with reclaimed paint by an army of volunteers and supporters who came together to help build, promote and execute the event.

Embree took photographs and time-lapse footage of the demonstration to help spread the message of the Blue Drop Movement to the rest of Canada and the world.

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