Saturday, January 12, 2013


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'Consistently Inconsistent'

BC Liberals set out pipeline criteria, say Dix waffling on Kinder Morgan

Released by Ben James, BC Liberal Caucus


ritish Columbians wanting to know Adrian Dix and the BC NDP's position on oil pipelines can expect consistent inconsistency.


Kinder Morgan Canada is proposing a $5.4 billion expansion to its Trans Mountain Pipeline, almost tripling its capacity to 890,000 barrels day. In an interview with Sun News Network on January 10, Dix said Kinder Morgan is "just reviving its proposal now, and we'll take a look at that." But the NDP made up their minds on the Northern Gateway pipeline project prior to the proposal being completed. Why two different policies?

"The NDP must be consistent. Kinder Morgan is proposing to transport more oil through B.C. to Burnaby, and Mr. Dix says 'maybe.' But at the same time the NDP is vehemently opposed to even considering a pipeline in the North," said Environment Minister Terry Lake. "Why? Are they waiting for the latest opinion poll before determining their party policy on economic development proposals? There's an established environmental review process in place for all pipeline proposals, and this government doesn't prejudge those outcomes, or believe in a predetermined, sham process."

The BC Liberal Government's position is consistent and clear: before support for any heavy oil pipelines are considered, five conditions set down by Premier Christy Clark must be met. They are:

1. Successful completion of the formal environmental review processes.
2. World-leading marine oil spill response, prevention and recovery systems for British Columbia.
3. World-leading practices for land spill prevention, response and recovery systems for British Columbia.
4. Legal requirements regarding Aboriginal and treaty rights must be addressed and First Nations be provided with the opportunities to benefit from these projects.
5. British Columbia receives a fair share of the fiscal and economic benefits of proposed heavy oil projects that reflect the risk borne by the province.

"Kinder Morgan's proposal is an important issue for all British Columbians, especially those living in the Lower Mainland. Our government is clear in putting the interests of British Columbia first, but the NDP has been consistently inconsistent when it comes to oil pipelines," Lake added.


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