Friday January 6, 2012


Local PR Company Offers TV Industry Training

Internship, practicum and film  opportunities available

Submitted by Debbie Walker, Translucent PR


TRANSLUCENT PR positions available in Chilliwack:


Public Relations Assistant Responsible to the President/ Owner of Translucent Publicity


Duties include:

Research the top major international film festivals,

Database update for major cities, Vancouver, Toronto, NY & LA

Assist in planning international film festival in the Fraser Valley

IF AVAILABLE can attend red carpet events, parties and other activities we would attend locally or in Vancouver

Support campaigns for existing clients

Liaise with suppliers

Report and post to Twitter and FB accounts




Duties include:

Familiar with Quickbooks

Process income statements

Record expenses

Prepare Year End for Accountants for April


THE OASIS FACTOR Positions Available in Chilliwack





Ability to shoot Reality TV with HD camera, Dogma style, require audio

Log footage, download footage, label footage and file appropriately

Available to attend events on site, record daily activities and interactions with locals

Set up interview style shooting and follow shots on site or on location



Ability to edit HD footage, add music, effects and audio

Create a 3 – 5 minute promotional piece



Ability to ensure broadcast quality video output including graphics and sound submitted by professional audio studio

Finesse the promotional video



Determine stressed or ill trees and bring back to health.

Remove Pyramid cedars and replace south facing area around house with appropriate species

Churn lawns both front & back (probably not proper term)

Seed lawn

Remove moss

Create fruit area in front for neighbours to enjoy. Blueberries/strawberries/???

Establish a nice archway for Kiwi’s for same reason

Re-organize shed for tools/product/accessibility



Organize art room for students. Paints, candle making, crochet, knitting essential oils to name a few of the activities. Art class once a week provided free to neighbourhood kids after school activities.


For information call Debbie: 604-392-7897 or e-mail here.


Online visit and/or



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