Monday January 16, 2012


No Hypno Hocus Pocus 

Mastering your subconscious to tackle life's issues without any swinging pendulms

Submitted by Teya Graves, Chilliwack


o you ever wonder why a part of you wants to do something like lose weight, feel motivated to work out, quit smoking, be less angry, learn better, play better hockey, etc while another part of you seems to always sabotage your own best intentions? 


The reason lies within your own subconscious mind.  Unlike your conscious mind, your subconscious embraces your belief systems and controls your habits. For example, if you consciously want to be thin but your subconscious believes that it will be too difficult or painful, then your own subconscious mind will sabotage your good intentions without your conscious mind ever being aware that this is happening.


Subconscious thought is the root cause to most problems whether it is a fear, personal limitations, behaviour and often even pain or disease. Mastering your subconscious mind is the easiest way to improve your life. Clinical Hypnotherapy is a fast and effective form of therapy that can change your life, and enable YOU to take control, quickly and easily.


You may have heard the usual myths and misconceptions about hypnosis.  


Although similar principles apply, in a clinical therapeutic setting, hypnosis is a little different than stage or movie entertainment. It is not sleep or something that works for “weak” people. There is no magic, no swinging pendulums or swaying watches.


Clinical Hypnotherapy is a state relaxation for your conscious mind. At the same time, you will experience heightened attention for your deep subconscious mind that can be quickly and profoundly successful where other methods of treatment have failed. You will remain aware and interactive for the entire session and use your own intelligence, imagination and concentration to create a real and lasting success.


Our thoughts create our feelings. Our feelings create our actions. Our actions create our results. It all starts with thought. Our deep subconscious thought is far more powerful than our conscious thought.  When the subconscious believes “I will succeed,” it is also true for the conscious mind. This is not necessarily true, the other way around.


A clear example of this conflict is when a person desires to lose weight (or quit smoking or be better at sports etc) but their subconscious mind keeps telling them, “I can’t do it, I can start tomorrow, I like chocolate too much, I need ice cream to feel better” etc. 


Your deep subconscious mind (beliefs) change easily when it is in a deep subconscious state under the direction of a trained Clinical Hypnotherapist. When your intelligent, subconscious mind believes that broccoli is better than chocolate or being fit is more fun than watching TV, or being the star player on the team is just fine, then true change will happen, with ease.


Clinical Hypnotherapy is successfully used to treat the symptoms of disease and conditions as diverse as weight loss, bulimia, depression, sleep issues, family relations, smoking, fears and phobias, bedwetting, sports performance, snoring, anger management, pain management, migraines and study and concentration skills. It has successfully been used with surgery and dental work without anesthesia, and for pain-free childbirth without medication.


Hypnotherapy can relieve struggle in so many areas of life.  What would you like to teach to your subconscious mind?


Teya Graves M.H. C.Ht.  is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, registered with the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association.  She is a Smoking Cessation Specialist and works with individuals and groups to assist them to achieve personal success. 


For more information call Teya at Lakeside Hypnotherapy 604-703-9201 or visit:



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