Tuesday January 17, 2012


Books & Ballots 

Take the Reading Challenge for a chance to win prizes

Submitted by Debbie Denault, CLCS


e are challenging everyone in Chilliwack to read for 20 minutes a day for 21 days! Challenge yourself, your friends, family or co-workers to read 20 minutes a day for the duration of the Literacy Challenge.


21 days later, you'll have learned some cool stuff, reminded yourself of how fun it is to read every day, and you'll be entered to win some awesome prizes for participating!!


Join in!

You can join in with a paper passport or you can go green with our new on-line form. Please find a poster and passport attached.


Paper passports:

1. Please find a passport attached.

2. Print copies for yourself, friends, family, co-workers or program participants

3. Put your ballot in a convenient location (on your fridge, by your bed, at your workstation)

4. Read for 20 minutes every day of the challenge. You can read by yourself, in a group, with a child - how you participate is up to you!

5. Check the calendar boxes on the passport for each day you read. Donít  worry if you miss a day of reading; just continue where you left off.

6. When you've finished return your ballot to one of our ballot boxes around town between February 22nd and February 26th! A complete listing of locations is available at: www.chilliwacklearning.com 

7. The Chilliwack Learning Community Society will begin collecting the boxes back on Mon. February 27th.

Electronic passports

We have a new option to "Go Green" and send your participation in via the website this year! Simply keep track of your progress, and between February 22nd and February 26th fill out this electronic ballot! Please only send this in when you have completed the ENTIRE challenge, rather than doing it day by day. Go green by visiting www.chilliwacklearning.ocm to see how to submit on-line.


Prize winners

Will be contacted by the Chilliwack Learning Community Society after March 6th. Thank you in advance to Mayor Sharon Gaetz for making the draws.


Please contact us before February 1st if your business or community organization would like to donate a prize or have a ballot box delivered at your location.  Please distribute this email widely and contact us with any additional questions



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