Tuesday January 17, 2012

On The Road

Dangerous Driving Alert 

RCMP ask motorists to stay off Hwy 1 east of Langley

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Traffic on the Trans Canada Highway was crawling along yesterday in the face of a heavy snowstorm that hit the Upper Fraser Valley Sunday and Monday.


CMP are warning drivers against traveling on the Trans-Canada Highway in the Upper Fraser Valley, where blizzard conditions are sending cars and trucks sliding off the road.

Visibility is very poor along Highway 1, east of 232 Street to Chilliwack and police have told tow companies to only remove vehicles impeding traffic said Sgt. Peter Thiessen, meaning motorists will be struck there until the weather improves.

"They're going to find themselves stranded for a period of time, tow trucks aren't able to deal with them and they're going to find themselves in some fairly precarious situations," said Theissen Monday. "That's why we needed to take that step and encourage the public to stay off of that stretch of the road."

So far despite the number of vehicles in the ditches and medians, as well as multi-vehicle accidents, there have been surprisingly few injuries.

On Monday, a semi truck loaded with beer went off Hwy. 1 at No. 3 road, and it was several hours before crews could get it up-righted and the road cleared.

Snow plows are struggling in snow that's falling faster than they can scrape it away.

It's a good idea to have in your vehicle's emergency candles (and a can to burn them in), blankets and safety gear to help if you find yourself stuck in a vehicle and have to wait it out.

"They should be certainly calling for assistance if they can, certainly don't be wandering on the travel portion of the highway and if there's someone that's able and has the appropriate vehicle in that kind of weather, that might be a solution," he said.

"But unfortunately they'll be left waiting there for a period of time."

Snow began falling in the on Monday morning and continued all day. Environment Canada issued a snowfall warning and that is still in place as of Tuesday morning.


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