Tuesday January 10, 2012

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How Smart Are Those Meters?

Notables speak out against meters in short film clip

Submitted by Walter McGinnis



here are so many things wrong with how things are going in this province, in this country and around the world. The global roll out of so called smart meters is a battering ram penetrating our homes and our private lives and thus destroying fundamental rights and freedoms that are associated with a free and democratic society. Smart meters are another example of what is going wrong.


This film however is about doing the right thing. We are fighting back, and this film will be part of our effort to get the truth out to the people so that we can stop injustice in its tracks. Please take 5 minutes out of your busy schedules to view the trailer and if you like it please consider making a donation to help fund getting the movie completed.



or www.smartmeterfilm.com


Injunction Requested Against Smart Meter Program

Released by Una St. Clair, Citizens For Safe Technology Society

ST has filed a complaint under Section 47 of the Utilities Commission Act requesting a stop to the Smart Meter rollout claiming that the wireless capability and the "snooping" components are outside the scope of the Clean Energy Act and not in the public interest.

Click HERE to read Injunction Request

You can help with this Injunction action. We encourage individuals and groups to send an e-mail to the BC Utilities Commission requesting the right to have their concerns heard in the proceedings. BC Hydro must respond by January 13 to the Injunction Request, and CST has until January 27 to provide rebuttal. It would be helpful if those wishing to participate would advise the BCUC by end of January. There is no risk or cost to participating in these proceedings.

Send a quick e-mail now to BC Utilities Commission, Attention: Erica Hamilton here.

Refer to our complaint filed December 22, 2011 under Andrea Collins, the Citizens for Safe Technology Society, and BC Hydro and Power Authority

Do you want to help in this fight for our rights?

CST has joined with the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters to actively pursue legal and human rights solutions. The Smart Meter regime makes mockery of our civil and human rights, democratic processes and freedoms to life and liberty, and this challenge must be faced and won for today's families and future generations.

If we, the people, are to bring sanity back to British Columbia we will only do so with donations to fund the ongoing legal and human rights actions. Every penny donated goes to finding solutions, as all our support is volunteer. Therefore, this is an urgent request for donations to help clean up this mess!

Donations by credit card can be made at the CST website via PayPal

Or Deposit cash to Coalition Bank Account at any Royal Bank,
Account 01120-100-3912

Or Mail a cheque to "Coalition to Stop Smart Meters", P.O. Box 88154,
West Shore RPO, Victoria, B.C. V9C 6K8

The Elderly being Harrassed and Intimidated

We are seeing a pattern developing where the elderly are especially being harrassed and intimidated by Corix installers and BC Hydro representatives, always verbally.

Yesterday, reports came in from White Rock, Surrey and Richmond of many different abuse of power tactics. In one situation, while a group of elderly condo owners were meeting in good faith with a BC Hydro customer service representative, believing that their needs would be accommodated, their whole building was simultaneously fitted with Smart Meters. They were horrified at such underhanded tactics by BC Hydro when at the end of the meeting, they found that all choice was gone and the meeting was just a ploy to remove and contain dissension.

We recommend that you do not enter into verbal discussions with any BC Hydro or Corix employee, either by phone or in person. Insist that all correspondence be in writing for legal documentation which can be used to protect your rights. The intimidation and threats of power shut off are all being made verbally, and will not be made in writing. The written word is the only protection people have in this situation, and is necessary in any legal or human rights proceedings.

BC Hydro is now attempting to isolate and neutralize opposition. They are doing this by contacting those refusing smart meters and requesting a "meeting" to discuss. However, these meetings are nothing more than further intimidation attempts. We recommend you use the letter format below to protect yourself at this time.

Click HERE for Letter Refusing Meeting


The Three Pronged Attack

There are currently three organizations actively working together on three solutions:

CST & the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters are currently pursuing Injunctive Relief with the BC Utilities Commission as well as Human Rights Action to support those with medical diagnosis be accommodated with an analogue meter.

Stop Smart Meters.ca is pursuing the Citizens' Initiative Petition which has the power to eliminate smart meters with the people's vote. Although this is a process that will be accomplished over the next two years, NOW is the time to tell your friends and to PRE-REGISTER. Take a couple of minutes and do it right now!

Click HERE to Pre-Register for Direct Democracy Action

Best wishes from all of the volunteers at CST. We send our encouragement, support, and hugs to all of you who feel under threat in your own home and neighbourhood. We will continue to do everything we can to make the world a better place for you, your family, and the natural world. We are happy that you chose to join us in these endeavours, and encourage you to share this information with neighbours and friends. Together, we can win this fight.

Una St.Clair
Executive Director

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