Monday January 30, 2012

Local Politics

Local NDP Backs O'Mahony

Party looking to make 'history' in Chilliwack-Hope by-election TBA



Dennis Adamson (L), Kathleen Stephany, Party Leader Adrian Dix and nomination winner Gwen O'Mahony.


he hit the ground running Saturday, with a little help from her friends and their money. About $10,000 of it. That's the amount supporters at the NDP nomination meeting threw behind Gwen O'Mahony's campaign for the Chilliwack-Hope riding by-election, called after MLA Barry Penner resigned last month.

There was no need for a recount. The 35-strong membership made it clear on the first vote and Party Leader Adrian Dix declared O'Mahony their girl.

"It is the NDP's intention to win in a Chilliwack Riding for the first time in it's history." said spokesperson Al Ens in a release on Sunday.

The by-election date has not been confirmed, but is rumored that it will be called for sometime in March.

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