Thursday January 12, 2012


Facing The Facts About Your Face

What is your face saying to the world? Find out at Amethyst  January 21

Submitted by Janet Newport, Amethyst Books

id you know that your face holds the blueprint of your whole body in its structure and shape? The structure of your face holds the true nature of your soul. Your responses to the outer world create your body shape, structure and attitudes in life.


The Art of Reading Faces with Norma Smith (Owner and Practitioner at Body Balance Wellness Clinic in Agassiz, BC). The overall face structure and shape gives us a quick indication of the personality type in general.  A careful study of the face shows how we utilize all these potential characteristics, creating a unique personality with the facial features. The structure of the face is like a blueprint while the fleshing out and the individual parts give the distinguishing characteristics and personality to the face. 


The Face is the Autobiography of Life - Psycho-Somatic Therapy. The Body in the Face shows the various parts of the psycho-somatic responses, which express or suppress all our thoughts, feelings and emotional tensions.  One side of the face shows more male characteristics such as actions and doing and a more analytical and mental approach. The other side holds more female characteristics of the reactions and caring, creativeness and emotions. Both sides of your face are YOU! Embrace all of you and learn what you are projecting out into the world.


Don't like it? Well, you can change the structure of your face and your body. With Psycho-Somatic (Body-Mind) Therapy you will get a more in depth understanding, awareness and tools that will change your structure and release emotions that are restricting your body, mind and soul.


Would you like to understand what your face is telling the world about you?

Would you like to have better Health, more Energy & much Happier Relationships?


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