Sunday January 29, 2012

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A Paramount Idea

In search of the perfect plan, City still weeding out proposals

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he short answer to this project? Money. Lots of it. The building will be a hole in the ground that someone is going to have to pour money into or it will meet the same fate as the Empress Hotel.


The City has made it clear they aren't going to be involved with the restoration of the building financially. It remains to be seen if the City will provide any incentives like waiving DCC charges etc.


On November 5, 2010 Landmark Cinemas gifted the Paramount Theatre on Yale Rd. to the City. Since that time, the City has been looking at proposals from various groups. The City is not prepared to help with funding so whichever group takes over the building has to upgrade it to current standards and provide proof of the financial means to partake in the renovation project.


The evaluation team looked at two proposals; from Revolution Church and Protocol Developments. Both were found to not meet the requirements the City laid out and were disqualified.


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