Wednesday January 4, 2012

Local Politics

O'Mahony Makes It Official

Hardest-working fed political candidate throws hat into BC NDP nomination

Released by Gwen O'Mahony, Chilliwack


oday I filed application for nomination as the next NDP candidate in the Chilliwack Hope By-election. Thank you for your patience as I carefully considered my bid.


After consulting with family, friends and my local campaign supporters I am convinced that this upcoming By-election will be unprecedented. Since 2009 I've worked tirelessly to represent our community, knocking on literally thousands of doors and speaking to thousands of people, who remark that they have never seen a politician at their doorstep.


People are concerned about the rising cost of living, inequality and government corruption. Small businesses feel left out of decisions being made in Victoria; they want better local representation. They want a clear agenda announced before Election Day.


I've been listening. The BC Liberals are ringing in 2012 with a real bang, increased MSP premiums, hydro rate hikes and limited job prospects. Our grocery bills and our gas bills keep climbing, yet our wages remain stagnant. Is this the kind of economy we need?


The BC Liberals are not managing with balance and fairness. It is time to elect a representative who has the energy and drive to not only work hard for the constituents but to demand fairness. I am prepared to do just that.


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