Friday January 20, 2012

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A Tale of Two Fires

Residents out in cold after smoking pot on stove alerts

Released by Jeff Ullyot, CFD/Voice photos


Residents stand outside of their apartments at the Vibe Thursday night after a smoking pot sent fire crews scrambling.


he City of Chilliwack Fire Department responded to two reported structure fires with an hour on Thursday, January 19, 2012.


At approximately 1845 hours firefighters from Hall 1, 4 and 6 responded to a structure fire in the 42000 block of Yale Road. Upon arrival, crews located a small fire had ignited in the void between the basement and first floor of the home. Crews were required to open the ceiling of the downstairs suite to control the fire before it could extend throughout the lower cupboards of the upstairs kitchen. The fire was extinguished with damage limited to an upstairs kitchen cupboard, some floor joists and the ceiling of the basement suite.


The fire was caused by the homeowner using a heat gun to thaw out some frozen water pipes.   Fortunately the homeowner was monitoring the situation closely when he heard crackling, followed by smoke coming from between the floors. He immediately called 9-1-1 and all occupants evacuated the home safely.  It is not certain what ignited and started the fire.   Fire Department Officials will continue their investigation on Friday.   


Apartment Fire at the Vibe

While fire crews were mopping up on the first incident fire alarms activated in an apartment complex in the 45000 block of Yale Road at approximately 1920 hours. Residents reported smoke coming from a fourth floor suite. Upon arrival of fire crews it was evident that a pot on the stove was the cause of the smoke. Crews used forcible entry tools to gain access and extinguish the stove-top fire. Light smoke damage was limited to the one bedroom suite. After the smoke had been cleared, residents were allowed back into the complex. There were no injuries.


More photos from the Vibe Apartments fire below.


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