Sunday January 22, 2012

Crime Beat

BOBS, Brats & Burglars 

A look back at the week that was

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n Tuesday at around 4:25 P.M., a resident on Wellington Ave. called police to say that someone was trying to get in their home and trying the doors, however the resident said the "doors were locked". The suspect was described as Caucasian wearing a red hat, black jacket and blue jeans. It's not known if the police managed to nab this one.


 Tuesday, January 10


A Cry For Help

At 9 P.M. Mounties responded to a call from a parent that their son was threatening to kill himself. He was arrested and taken to Chilliwack General Hospital to be assessed.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012


We're Just Looking

At about 8 A.M., four longboarders in front of the Johnston Packers plant at Upland and Promontory appeared to be getting ready to shoot down the hill when police showed up. According to the constable, the kids were on their way to school and were just looking at the hill with no intention of going down it.


A Dangerous Situation

At approximately 12:09 P.M., a semi-truck developed a hole in it's fuel tank at the in Staples parking lot. Apparently it was "a lot of Diesel" that spilled out. The CFD responded and the mess was cleaned up.


Gin and Juice 

Just before 1 P.M. police received a report that an intoxicated woman was wandering down the centre of First Ave. toward the library. Mounties had previous dealing with the 55-year-old woman who resides in the Traders Inn.


Gray Matter

At 2:02 P.M., police were called to the scene of a hit and run on Yale Rd. at the Bank of Montreal. Witnesses said that a gray 2009 F150 Crew Cab pick-up hit another car and left. Police caught up with the driver on Yale and the person was issued an immediate 24-hour suspension and their vehicle was towed.


Playing Peek-A-Boo

At 3:23 P.M., police received and responded to a call about a suspicious person on Brice Rd. It turned out the guy was delivering flyers and looking in windows.


Munchies But No Money

At approximately 3:28 P.M., a shoplifter was caught at Superstore. Reports were that he was high on something and acting very aggressive.


Avon Calling

Also at 3:28 P.M. RCMP were called to the Bole Apts. on Victor St. when residents said a man who appeared to be drunk or high was kicking the glass front door. He was described as Caucasian wearing a jean jacket and a black baseball cap. It was later learned that the man had a "no-go" to that location.


Missing Child Found Playing

At 4 P.M. a father went to pick up his 8-year-old son from Watson Elementary School, and when he arrived, the boy was nowhere to be seen. Emergency responders sprang into action. A description of the boy was put out and police, family and friends scoured the area and the boys haunts were checked to no avail. The school's principal also assisted in the search. Then thankfully, just as it was getting dark the boy was located at a friends house not far from the school on Edson Ave.


Forgot to Check the Rearview Mirror

Later that evening at around 8:30 P.M. an off-duty RCMP member spotted a vehicle driving erratically on Hwy. 1. The driver was "having trouble maintaining a lane" in the rental car they were driving in. The driver was tracked off the freeway at Vedder Rd.


Friday, January 13, 2012


Shed Fire

At approximately 8:54 A.M. the Cheam band called the CFD to report a shop fire in the 53000 block of Old yale Rd. and ask for a tanker truck. By the time crews arrived, the structure was fully involved and nearby trees were also burning. The building was razed to the ground.


Saturday, January 14, 2012


Burglars On Bikes (BOBS)

In the wee hours of the morning at approximately 3:29 A.M., police responded to an alarm at Chilliwack Sr. Sec. School, where they found a bicycle with snow in it in the back parking lot. The door was ajar and police noticed someone was walking around inside and they weren't aware of the police presence on the other side of a locked door.


Being Brats

At 12:35 P.M. kid were seen throwing snowballs at cars from the Vedder Rd. overpass. When police attended they were gone on arrival.


Late Hikers

Just prior to 2 P.M., Search and Rescue was scrambled when it was learned that 15 students and 4 chaperones were late returning from a 2 1/2 hour hike on Elk Mountain. The group showed up on the road shortly after SAR was called and the alert was then cancelled and rescue crews were told to stand down.


Another B&E

At 7:25 P.M. a break and enter was reported on Charles St.


This Tater's A Gem

At approximately 7:55 P.M. a Native male  wearing a white baseball hat, stole a sack of potatoes from Pricesmart.


Sunday, January 18, 2012


Five Finger Discount

At 8:19 P.M., another shoplifter was nabbed at the Safeway on Luckakuck at the mall.


Monday, January 16, 2012


Don't Cry Over Spilled Beer

At 4:30 A.M. a semi truck went off Hwy 1 near No. 3 Rd. landing in the center median, The driver was unhurt and able to scramble out of the cab. The truck was loaded with beer. The tow trucks waited until after rush hour when the highway was closed to allow crews get the truck out.


Tune-up Time

Shots were heard at about 11:30 A.M. in the 9300 block of Mary and then again at Patterson and Main. Mounties were able to establish that it was just a car backfiring.


No Thanks, Not Test Driving

At 7:50 P.M. Staff at O'Connor's reported that one of the vehicles had a window smashed and tracks let to under the fence. It's not known if the person responsible was found, but police dog services were called in.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Vehicle Break-in Nets Break-in Tools

At 4:04 A.M. a resident called police to say that their car was broken into. When police arrived, the owner was doing an inventory of what was missing and said that a $300 specialized tool kit in an orange case, that was used for accessing vehicles, was stolen. The person responsible took off in a black vehicle afterward.


Late Night Chow Down?

At 5:07 A.M. Security informed police that they received an alarm hit at Prospera Centre at the lower food concession at rink No. 2. It's not known if this was a false alarm or not.


Tragedy Strikes

Shortly after 11 A.M., Air 5 reported that they landed at the ex-military operations site east of Cultus Lake. Then just before 2 P.M., Air 5 crashed at the site and Emergency Response members who were training at the time, were able to pull the pilot out of the downed aircraft and transported him to CGH where he arrived in critical condition. Some media reports claimed the pilot died on route. Our sources said he was in critical condition but later succumbed to his injuries. See the Voice's coverage on this (here).


Weather's No Worry

The bitter weather didn't stop someone from breaking into a car on Young Rd. at shortly after 4 P.M.


Extra Cheese

At 7:21 P.M. police were alerted to a robbery at the Subway on Yale Rd. See our coverage on this here.



At shortly after 8 P.M. kids tried to set tried to set a fence on fire at Promontory Elementary School. Its not known if these were the same ne'er-do-wells that also destroyed playground equipment more than once last year at the school.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012


A Momentary Lapse of Reason

At 5 A.M. Police were informed by a woman who was arrested for drunk driving, that she actually had a 5-year-old alone at home. Mounties went to the home in search of the child. There was no further word on this incident or what happened with the child.


An Alarming Situation

At about half past 5 am, police were kept busy as alarm after alarm sounded in residence and commercial sites. An alarm went off at Sumas Central School, Victoria Ave. and at the Canadian Reform Church in Yarrow. The church has had seven false alarms previously.


Hold The Onions

At about 10:17 am, a Native male in a black hoodie walked into Subway on Yale at Williams and demanded money. According to witnesses he may have been drunk because he knocked a sign over on his way out. He somehow managed to escape the clutches of police who later issued a release asking the public to contact them with info if they knew of details relating to this crime.


A Bad Apple

Later that evening at around 9:49 pm, Mounties were called to a residence after a mother called to say that her son was drunk and trashing their home. Police have been to home on Ashwell several times before to deal with issues in the residence like assault, thefts and miscellaneous disturbances. When the police arrived the son was nowhere to be seen however a constable ferreted him out of a crawl space in the home.


Oops, Sorry About That

At 10:30 pm, Mounties swooped in on the Dairy Queen after an alarm company called in a report of the alarm sounding. When police arrived they found three cleaners inside. There was a language barrier but they were able to discern that the alarm button had been pushed accidentally.


Thursday, January 19


The Ultimate Sin

At 1:30 am, police were called to a residence in the 9600 block of Broadway, sadly, to deal with someone who committed suicide.


Wired Thieves

At 7:24 am, copper thieves were at the now defunct Day’s Inn on Hocking. A security guard called police to report that there were prowlers in the building. Apparently they were after copper wire. Some was cut out but left behind. Police called in the dog squad and others set up a perimeter in an attempt to catch the culprit(s). Unfortunately, the K9 unit was unable to get a bead on the thief after locating one set of tracks in the snow.


Trio of Thugs

Just after 8 am police were called to the Vibe Apts. on Yale Rd after they got a call saying 3 people were in the underground parking lot there and had punched-out a the driver’s side door lock. A witness said the trio of miscreants including a woman, were seen running back into the building. A K9 unit was called in and the police proceeded to knock on doors. The woman was wearing a pink jacket. It’s not known if police caught up with the criminals involved.


A Smashing Experience

At 12:25 pm, a disturbance took place on Southlands Dr. whereby a 28-year-old male smashed windows in the home there and left heading towards Robinson Elementary School. He was wearing a beige coat and black jeans.


Cat Fight

Shortly after 1 pm, 2 women were reported to be fist-fighting in a mobile home park on Yale Rd.


Grab and Run

Two men were seen running from Southgate Mall on Yale Rd. after stealing some batteries. Police managed to apprehend both and at least one was taken back to the store to be identified as the thief by staff. One of the criminals apparently lived on Brett Ave.


A Child’s Nightmare

At 2:59 pm, a mother was heard screaming at her daughter “put the knife down” in a residence on Wolfe Rd. According to police, the daughter was suffering from PTSD and was also in the process of breaking up with a boyfriend. The daughter sat down in a chair and then started talking about suicide. Unfortunately, there was a child in the residence but was safe in another room.


Ripping It Up

Just prior to 4:30 pm, police received reports of an ATV rider ripping it up at Strathcona Elementary. Witnesses described the rider as “cocky” and said the guy was flying down Hope River Rd. Police caught up with him but he managed to evade them due to the fact that there was so much snow.


Abandoned Agassiz Structure Fire

At around 6:51 pm, the fire department responded to an alert that a fire was burning in an abandoned home. Apparently, the home was also the site of another fire on New Year’s Eve.


Friday, January 20


ISO Igloo

Police were able to check a snow bank that kids had burrowed into. Just to make sure none were inside. These can be dangerous and can trap and smother anyone inside should it collapse.


Enjoying the Snow A Bit Too Much

Police received reports of an erratic driver bombing around downtown in an white Audi. They had the plate number so it was just a matter of catching up with the driver. When police found the Audi, the driver and another were arrested because the police found illegal substances on them or in the car. They were charged with traffic and possession offences.


Saturday, January 21


Hiding in Plain Sight

At 12:11 pm, police responded to a call from a resident saying that a man was hiding at the bottom of their neighbours steps. Something spooked him and he ran off across the street in between the homes there. He somehow managed to avoid Mounties. The man was described as about 25-years old and wearing all black.


Multiple Vehicles Hit

Early Saturday morning at about 7:30 am, police were called to Nowell St. where several cars had their windows smashed out.


Landing Trouble

A thief broke into a vehicle at the Landing Leisure Centre. A phone and iPod were stolen. A suspicious black Honda was seen in the area at the time.



At 3:45 pm a pick-up truck slammed into the front of a store. No one was injured. The store’s front window was smashed and glass was everywhere. The vehicle was towed.


Last But Not Least

Just before 8 pm, a domestic disturbance call was received for a home on Armitage. A woman and man were fighting and arguing. The woman said the man tried to strangle her while she was sleeping and that the man broke a door in half. Apparently, she went out on the back porch to have a cigarette and didn’t seem to be in any distress. Police attended and gave the woman a ride to a home on Ashwell. It was not surprising that police were again called to the residence when the couple started arguing again. According to police, the couple had lots of issues. Once again the woman was given a lift back to Ashwell. They were not heard from again that day.



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