Monday January 30, 2012


Bad Agassiz Apple Canned

Police find loose gun and taxpayers out a set a of Firestones after miscreant slashes cruiser tires

Released by Cst. T. Wolbeck, Chwk RCMP


n January 8, 2012, at approximately 1:15 AM, an Agassiz RCMP constable was patrolling in the 11300 block of Gill Road near the Fraser River. This is a very popular location for young people to congregate and have parties.


 While conducting a vehicle stop in the area, three tires on the police car the officer was driving were slashed. The suspect ran off into the bushes but before doing so, the officer was able to identify him. Police searched the truck the suspect was driving at the time and found an insecure firearm.

A 23 year old Rosedale man was arrested the following day. Upon his release he was required to surrender all of the firearms in his possession. Police seized several firearms and ammunition from his residence.


"We were really shocked to see young people in Agassiz carrying firearms in their vehicles like this, " said Sgt. Stu Falebrinza, Agassiz detachment commander. "The public can rest assured that we will be making more frequent patrols of that area and a lower tolerance for any infraction can be expected."

Crown will be assessing possible charges of firearms offences, mischief, obstruction and unsafe storage of firearms and ammunition.


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