Saturday January 7, 2012

Crime Beat

Busy Start To The New Year For Police

Wayward baby stroller,  playing chicken with trains and getting smashed

Joe Reporter/Voice


he following are some briefs of what’s been happening on the streets of Chilliwack over the last week. The reports are as accurate as we can be, however there will be some discrepancies from time to time.


Amongst the multitudes of domestic disturbances, petty theft, B&E’s, car thefts, street fights and other general acts of lawlessness, comes these notable items.


Saturday, December 30, 2011


Love Hurts

At 2:49 P.M. police were called to mental health/domestic dispute involving a couple staying at the Harrison Hotel. The trouble began when she threatened to hurt herself and he locked himself in the bathroom and refused to come out of until police arrived. He spoke with police on a speaker phone through the door, so it wasn’t that audible.


Was It Bigfoot?

Around 4 P.M., Mounties made contact at the Sasquatch Inn with a woman possibly involved in a motor vehicle accident. She got a ride there from a passerby to the pub and seemed to be okay. The police chopper was called and later cancelled.


Not Making It Up

White female, gray jacket, long skirt, boots, acne on the face. Stole cosmetics from Pricesmart at 4:43 P.M.


Ducks Limited

At 4:46 P.M., an officer stopped his car and went looking for some hunters when he heard their shooting guns off of Prest Rd.


Oh, What Was That?

Just before 5 P.M., a hit and run by elderly woman driving a white Pontiac Grand Am occurred. She left the scene after causing some minor damage to a Chevy Cavalier on Hodgins. Police were given the licence plate and they went to the registered owner’s home where they found the car parked there.


Shower Power

A man called police at 5:51 P.M. to say that while he was in the shower he heard two males breaking into his garage in the 42000 block of Yale Rd. He gave chase and they took off running.


Police then set up a perimeter and one officer was stationed at Adams and Hopedale Rd., Yale and Barrow Rd. and Sumas Prairie and South Sumas. Both white males, slim, 5’10” other 6’.


A police dog was brought in and they tracked east down Yale Rd. then eastbound on Adams. Adams and Sumas Prairie.All units broke containment at 6:29 P.M. and it’s not known if Mounties got their man.



Sunday, December 31, 2011


Not Your Local Food Bank

At 9:01 A.M. a theft at PriceSmart Foods took place. A ahite male, late 20s, wearing a yellow shirt and blue jeans, walked out of the store with a buggy full of food. Last seen going toward First Ave. Police checked the area. It’s unclear if this guy got away.


Getting Smashed

Just after 9 A.M. Police called in to say that all the windows at Cultus Lake Market were reported to have been smashed out. Police responded. The owner will not be too pleased because their insurance covers it but there is usually a hefty deductible.


Brazen BOB (Burglars on Bikes)

A man was seen pocketing something in the Shoppers Drug Mart store on Yale Rd. at 7:53 P.M. He left and got on a bicycle and rode away on it toward Young Rd and Second Ave. where police caught up with him. He was put in the cruiser and they returned to the store to find out what was missing. It’s unclear if he was charged with theft.


Another Woman Mugged

At 9:17 P.M. police swooped in to the 4500 blk. of Bernard Ave after a woman called them to say that she’d been mugged. She said the mugger pushed her down and ordered her to give up her debit card and McDonald’s card. He is described as white, 6’4” to 6’6” in his 30’s with a medium build and wearing a black hoodie and baggy pants. According to the victim the man also smelled of alcohol. It’s unclear if Mounties were able to locate the assailant.



Monday, January 2, 2012


Time to Moooove Along

At 2:45 P.M. people called police to say that cows were blocking the road at Keith Wilson near the track crossing. Police set about trying to find the owners.


Thanks for Shopping at Walmart

At approximately 3:38 P.M. a woman grabbed a bagful of store items and walked out of the Walmart store at Eagle Landing. She then jumped into a car with other women in it and took off. The car is described as a red 1998 Pontiac Sunfire with Saskatewan plates on it.


Playing Chicken

CNR called police to say that there were people on the tracks taking photos of trains coming. They would move out of the way but it was “freaking out the train crews”. No doubt.



Tuesday, January 3, 2012


The Best of Banking Service

At around 11:24 A.M. a man walked into the TD bank at Cottonwood Mall and became upset. He had a pair of wire-cutters that he ended up throwing at a shopper. Police attended and established that the man had mental health issues. He was taken to Chilliwack General Hospital.


Nearly Tragic

At 11:41 A.M. a call came into police saying a baby buggy with a 6-week-old and a 4-month-old in it, went into the Vedder River. According to one mother, the stroller slipped from her grasp and rolled a slope and plunged headlong into the water. One baby was submerged for a couple of seconds. The stroller was retrieved and the babies were taken back to the vehicle where the wet clothes were changed. One mother suffered a sprained ankle and paramedics took all of them to the hospital to be checked out.

See the police report on the Voice.


The Lollipop Guild

At around 11:49 a woman called police to say that two men were screaming, pushing and shoving each other at a residence on Bellevue Ave. Police checked and she was known to them.


Getting Smashed

Just before noon, Mounties got a call from someone saying that a driver was repeatedly smashing their 2000 GMC Jimmy into their vehicle on Grandview Dr. We’re thinking they were listening to that Carrie Underwood song while doing that. Police had the plate number and attended the registered owner’s address.



Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Watson House Fire

At 3:52 am, police received a call that at least two teens were seen running from an empty home in the 45000 block of Watson Rd. just as a fire broke out in the structure. Fire crews knocked down the blaze and unfortunately one fireman suffered injury possibly from the heavy, noxious smoke. Police Dog Services were called in to try and track the kids but it’s not known if they were successful in locating them.


Good police work resulting in the location of a vehicle stolen out of Saskatewan.


A Cry For Help

At about 6 P.M. police were called to deal with a distraught man on Watson Rd. who threatening to take his own life. He managed to put a 4”-5” gash in his arm and Mounties took him to Chilliwack General Hospital.


Thursday, January 5, 2012


No Princess

At 7:14 A.M. a woman ran out of the Shoppers Drug Mart on Yale Rd. with three bottles of perfume she hadn’t paid for. She was seen running toward Princess Ave. She was described as being about 23-years-old with blondish hair in a bun. Another customer followed her in their vehicle, however it’s not known if police managed to reign her in.


Two Dogs Short of a Full Kennel

The first thing staff had to deal with after opening the doors to a local animal shelter at 9 A.M. was a woman who became unruly and abusive when told the groomers weren’t there. The customer declared that she wasn’t going to leave with her two pooches without getting them groomed. Police checked and the woman had a lengthy PRIME history.


An Expensive Mistake

Around 10:22 A.M. An elderly gent tried to cash about $4000 worth of fake cheques at a local bank. It’s possible he was just confused and in fact was the victim of  a scam thinking the cheques were real.


That Sucks

At 1:23 P.M. Two males were seen running from Canadian Tire to a vehicle with a stolen Dirt Devil vacuum in a white box. The two miscreants high-tailed it to a parked white Ford Ranger. Police did get the plate number.



Friday, January 6, 2012


At 7:24 A.M. a woman called police to say that she was attacked and robbed of her purse near the Greyhound Bus terminal. She was on her way to Tim Horton’s when a Native male, approximately 30-years-old with long straight black hair, wearing a dark blue jacket, came out of the dark at her. She told police that he punched her in the head and then took her purse. No weapons were seen. Police checked the area however it’s not known if they were able to locate the thug. Paramedics attended to the woman and took her to Chilliwack General Hospital.


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