Thursday January 12, 2012

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City Hall mourns loss of Election Officer, cycling lane on Prest Rd and a new Med Services building

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ouncil meeting started on a sad note when Mayor Sharon Gaetz announced that Bill Storen, long-time friend and city hall staffer, as well as Chief Election Officer for four elections.


In the following transcript, Mayor Gaetz talks about Billís life.


On Saturday, January 7, Bill passed away due to complications from chemo-therapy and he was just a very young 77-years-old.


Bill and his wife Clara were married for 49-years and theyíve lived in Chilliwack for the past 21-years.


Bill started his career with the federal government in Brandon Manitoba and then migrated west and opened up a stationary business in Prince Rupert in the late 70ís until 1986. Bill and Clara then did some extensive traveling in their motor home and again resettled in Naniamo. In 1991, they moved to Chilliwack.


Bill belonged to many clubs and organizations in town, but his favourite was Bikes For Kids, where he collected and repaired bicycles and then he donated them to childrenís whose families couldnít afford them. He also gave several bikes to students at Chance School. Bills passionate involvement in this program made an impact on many peopleís lives.


Bill worked elections at every level of government, but his favourite was local government elections. He served as our Cityís Chief Election Officer since 2002.


Weíre honoured that he provided us with his expertise and knowledge during these years.


Billís wife has advised that an informal drop-in session will held this Friday, January 13, from 1-3pm at Evergreen Hall where everyone can come out and pay their respects to Bill and have a coffee or two with those who knew him and whose lives he touched.


Personally, I just will really Billís attitude during the whole election process. You could walk into City Hall any time and he would be very particular about who went into that back room, blocking it off, making sure that everything was secure. He would laugh and joke with the staff and he also had some very strict professional boundaries when it came to the election.


He didnít treat one person over another, he treated everyone with equality and with dignity, and you know, frankly, Iím going to miss Billís hugs. He was great guy and we all loved him and we send our love and we send our condolences and best wishes to Clara and thank him for the contribution he made to the city.


The Village A Done Deal

City Hall finalized the "Rental Housing Agreement" between the City and the Provincial Rental Housing Corporation regarding The Village supportive housing at 8937 School St. following it's opening in December.


In the agreement, the City absolves itself of any further connection to the property which they sold for $1 and stipulates that the housing is for people who have to spend more than 30-per-cent of their income (before tax) on rent and that only people who meet the prerequisites as defined by the Ministry of Housing and Social Development in the policy documents.



Safer Cycling

Those driving on Prest Road should expect some traffic delays until the end of July, but itís for a good cause. The City of Chilliwack recognized a need for a cycling lane on the dangerously narrow Prest Road between Bailey and Chilliwack Central Roads and also intersection work done on the Mary St. and Hodgins to accomodate cyclists.


The City commissioned several engineering firms and three companies have been short-listed to submit their design proposals; ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd.; Urban Systems Ltd. and McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd.


The design solutions will provide improved traffic flow and accommodate

safer pedestrian and cyclist crosswalks. The lane and intersection work should be finished by July 30.









New Medical Services Building

A public hearing is scheduled for 7 P.M. January 23 at Chilliwack City Hall regarding rezoning the lot at 9005 Mary Street, currently housing the Doctors' Satellite Medical Clinic, in order to accomodate construction of a new three-storey health services office building in it's stead.


The City had to tweak the Official Community Plan, a whole new zone called the C8, first so the lot can be re-designated from Residential 3 (Apartment) to Village Quarter (Mixed Use). The property is located within the identified Health District in the Downtown Land Use and Development Plan.



An overhead view of the proposed location of the new medical services building.


Upcoming Public Hearings called for January 23, 2012

  • 9310 McNaught Rd from R1-A (One Family Residential Zone) to R1-D (Infill Small Lot One Family Residential).

  • 45785 Alder Avenue from R1-A (One Family Residential Zone) to R5 (Medium Density Multi-family Residential Zone)

  • 5860 Jinkerson Rd. from RR (Rurual Residential Zone) to R3 (Small Lot One Family Residential Zone).

  • 9448 Coote St. from an R1-A (One Family Residential Zone) to R1-E (Infill Clustered One and Two Family Residential Zone).

  • 9005 Mary St. from R3 (Apartment) to Village Quarter (Mixed Use) for a new Health Services building.