Thursday January 19, 2012

City Hall News

Snow Plows Back Emergency Crews First

City asks residents to watch for plugged storm drains and public transit during winter weather

Released by Starlee Renton, City of Chilliwack


Emergency Vehicles Take Priority


n the event that an emergency vehicle is having problems accessing a call location due to snow and/or ice conditions, the City will be notified and snow removal equipment will immediately be diverted to the location to ensure the emergency vehicle can get in and out.


Storm Drains

We expect a warming trend with rain as we get into the weekend and it is at this time that we need residents to help out by clearing storm drains in front of their properties. Residents can call the City to enquire about the location of storm drains. For snow melt prep we are servicing the drainage pump stations twice per day right now. Once we get away from dealing with snow the crews will begin to check drainage culverts and watercourses to ensure they are as free flowing as possible and we will have crews around town clearing blocked CB's.

Public Transit

Transit updates are available by going to and then clicking on the BC Transit WINTER WEATHER TRANSIT REPORTS link.

All runs are in service today but will be running late due to the road conditions.




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