Sunday January 9, 2011

Police Blotter

Who's On First? Streakers On Second

House party on 2nd Ave. gets a little wild



etter Safe Than Sorry

Police pulled over a white Cadillac in a traffic check approximately 4pm on Friday and it was found that the driver had a list of no contact orders, a no weapons order and a curfew. An extra unit was called in before the officer attempted to deal with the driver one-on-one.


Another B&E

At 5:20pm police respond to residential break-in on 1st Ave.


Not the Hamburglar

At 7pm, police were called after a woman reported a prowler in the area of Vedder and Stevenson. The dog squad was brought in and it's not known if the suspect was apprehended.


Help, I'm Sitting And I Can't Get Up!

At about 8pm Thursday evening, a 81-year-old male called police to say that he couldn't get out of his chair. Police attended and helped him up.


Mickey Mantle R Us

At 8:40pm, police received a report from a resident in the 8200 block of Edwards St. who said that 3 males with bats were at his door. Police were at the residence earlier in the week for another disturbance. The 3 bat-wielding males had already left the scene but one left his vehicle behind. Police circled around to the other side of the McIntosh pedestrian tunnel where they arrested the nefarious trio.


Spooked Neighbourhood

You know the neighbourhood is on edge when a car backfires and everyone ducks. At 9:35 pm, reports of gun fire on Ashwell sent police scurrying to the area however, it was determined that it was only a car that had a bad backfiring problem.


Unwanted Drunk

Police received a report of an unwanted male at a residence on Chesterfield. Officers attended and the male was removed from the area.


Lobbing Lads

At about 10pm police were called after a group of young males were throwing things at the Leisure Centre. The lobbing lads left just before police arrived who checked and no damage was done. They checked out one group of males nearby but it was determined that they weren't the ones throwing things.



A Party Too Hardy

Sometime after midnight police were called to evict some unruly guests from the Harrison Hotel.


Put 'Em Up

At 2:30am six males and six females decided to have a fight outside Industry Night Club on Hocking Ave. According to police reports, the club's bouncers were also involved.


Distressed at Dawn

Sometime in the morning, a male in the vicinity of Young Rd. and First Ave was threatening suicide. It's not clear if the man was admitted to hospital for observation.


A Not-So-Nice Boyfriend

At about 6am a woman called police saying she was arguing with her boyfriend who was armed with knives and threatening her. Police attended and checked the nice fellow for weapons but were unable to find any. After checking the residence for knives and not finding any, Mounties then escorted him from the residence.


Nasty Pothole

Police asked that City Hall be called regarding a big pothole on Keith Wilson near the bridge that had flattened 3 or 4 vehicle's tires.


False Alarm

At about 1pm, police responded to a residential alarm in the 5600 block of Hacienda Place just west of Canterbury. While police were responding, the monitoring company called to say the alarm was false and officers cancelled the call.


Erratic Driver

At 3:30pm police received a call from a driver on the Trans Canada Hwy. about someone who was driving erratically, tailgating, crossing the centre line and passing dangerously. Police waited at a off-ramp for the driver but apparently it was a bit too late and the driver was not seen.


Brazen Daylight Walmart Theft

At about 4pm, three males pushed a shopping cart loaded with electronics out of the store without paying for the items. They loaded the loot into a white car that was possibly a Malibu or a Monte Carlo. Police set up a perimeter and got a line on the address of the car owner. The car's owner said their plates were stolen earlier. It's unclear if the stolen goods were recovered. Walmart managers were going over store video.



Wasn't That A Party?

At 2:50am, Police were called to see to a group of kids who were partying and playing their music loud on McIntosh Ave. In addition to that, the driver of a pickup truck forgot to pull off the road before parking.


Double Domestic Disturbances

At 3:30am police were called to a domestic problem on Chesterfield and then again for another call a short time later on McIntosh where the male had a violent history and had been through the violent offender program however was a high risk to reoffend.


All's Well That Ends Well

Residents on Riverside near Williams reported a female wandering around on the street at 4am. Police responded and couldn't find the woman. There was a cat and mouse game going on for quite some time as police searched for, but could not find the woman who was apparently drugged and drunk. The mother's boyfriend eventually called police to say that they had met at the 7-11 on Yale Rd and were on their way home.


Drunk and Disturbed

At 4:50am a woman from an undetermined address called police to report that a male relative was drunk and unwanted. By the time the RCMP showed up the man had shed his coat and shoes refusing to leave the woman's backyard. He was escorted off the property and it's unclear if that was straight to the drunk tank or not.


Two Women Ditched

On Saturday a car went into the ditch on Hwy 7 north of Harrison near the gas station. Two women inside the vehicle managed to scramble out unhurt but were shaken up by the incident.


There's Snow Business Like Police Business

At 8:45pm police were called to Promontory School where a male was stacking up blocks in order to scale them and gain access to the roof in a possible break and enter attempt. The male took off running when he spotted police. Fresh snow helped police follow his trail which led towards some nearby townhouses.


The male further eluded police by jumping a fence and heading toward Sherwood Dr. However, further checks proved fruitless. Later an officer spotted a male matching the suspects description outside the pizza parlour on Teskey.


Senior Scrum

At 9:10pm police were called to a domestic disturbance on Bole Ave. Neighbours reported a lot of door slamming going on in the apartment. The couple, he 75 and she 72, apparently had police attend another duel in October at the residence.


Citizen Cane

At 9:30, a male who was treated at CGH and given a cane hassled someone in the Landing Leisure Centre parking lot. By the time police arrived, the limping miscreant had engaged the centre's staff who told police that the man was calm now.


A hit and run was reported on Sunset Dr.


Another Winner Boyfriend

At 10:26pm a motor vehicle accident occurred and one driver's licence was expired. He said he wanted to say that his girlfriend was driving. They went their separate ways and the other driver contacted police.


Party Central

A man called police at 10:30pm to say that his brother was drunk and violent at a party in Yarrow. Twenty others were in the home when police attended. It's not known what the outcome was or if the man was arrested.


Past His Due Date

At 11:11, police pulled over a pickup truck in front of the sewage plant on Wolfe Rd. and found that the driver was without a valid licence. It had expired. The vehicle was towed. The driver walked home to Victoria Ave.


Who's On First? Streakers on Second

Complaints of a loud party brought police to a home on Second Ave just past 11:30pm where some females were reported to have been "streaking". Police broke up the party, no one was arrested and taxi's were called to take the 20 or so odd people home.



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