Saturday January 22, 2011

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Weapon On Williams Street

Witness reports rifle-toting man got into Burgundy Mercedes

Staff/Voice photos


Residents in the 9200 block of Williams speak with police early Saturday afternoon.


olice were called to the 9200 block of Williams Street Saturday at around noon after receiving a report of a man with a rifle who into a car burgundy, older-style Mercedes Benz with three other males in it. No licence plate was available however the car was described as having a new driver "N" on the back.


According to the witness, he put the rifle under his jacket before getting into the vehicle.


RCMP moved-in immediately and cleared the residence, checking for weapons. Apparently, one of the residents of the house, complained of being robbed the night before. No word if the car was located. The man was described as18 to 22-years-old, wearing a black jacket.


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