Friday January 7, 2010



Unscrewing The Spin

Thompson sheds light on bulb rhetoric

Submitted by Glen Thompson, Friends of Chilliwack River Valley


onesty and politics mix like oil and water in the offices of the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources. Weíre told BC is leading the country on Climate Change. Interesting since Ontario recently claimed to be leading the World on Climate Change.

Alberta with its dinosaur sized carbon footprint claims it is clearly leading the way on carbon reduction.

January 1st BC outlawed 75w and 100w incandescent light bulbs. Gordon Cambell (can you believe he still has a job?) wants to come into your house and unscrew your wasteful bulbs.

Careful Gordon the new smart bulb CFLís contain mercury. If you break one, BC Hydro smartly advises you to carefully seal the mess into a glass container and bring it to a special waste facility.

The end of incandescence - one of the things Minister Hawes would have us believe BC is doing to lead the country against Climate Change. Letís unscrew the spin. The light bulb rule is a federal regulation.

The province is merely adopting the rule a year early; one that it has been mandated to implement. They are not lighting the way to a greener future they are stealing the limelight from the feds. Oil and water donít mix Mr. Hawes.

The papers are full of the rhetoric from less than honest politicians. John Les comes to mind. I donít really mind when people lie to me; its part of our culture. I enjoy it when the huckster at one of the local thrift stores tells me the overpriced item Iím looking at is almost free or when my farmer friend tells me his produce is almost organic.

What bugs me is when the deceiver canít be bothered to tell a lie that you can stretch into being sort-of-true. The New Westminster Record ran a story Wednesday saying that NDP MP Peter Julian will not run for the BC NDP Leadership because heís "too busy" in Ottawa as an opposition backbencher in the hinterland. Iíve met Peter, nice guy but - come on buddy. Maybe what heís really doing is calling the bottom feeders up to the surface to see if there is an appetite for MP Fin Donnelly to make a run at the provincial leadership? Dawn Black needs to do New West a big favour and call Fin.

Dawn is a good person. She knows what to say.


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